Dogecoin’s 30-Day Price Drop Continues. Are BONK, SNEK, and NUGX Better Options?


  • Dogecoin is experiencing price corrections that have trended for over a month, pushing the token to decline.
  • Investors seeking alternative options to uplift their portfolios turn to other meme coins.
  • NuggetRush, Bonk, and Snek are three tokens with memetic value that have caught the attention of these investors as they chart a positive path in the crypto market.

Meme coins are well-known for delivering impressive returns and turning investors into overnight millionaires. Investors who turned to Dogecoin (DOGE) for promising gains are backing out as the meme coin continues to chart a red path. With this narrative underway, investors seek top Dogecoin variants that could offer better solutions than Dogecoin.

Of the different meme coins on the list, Bonk (BONK), Snek (SNEK), and NuggetRush (NUGX) have taken the lead, attracting investors with the hopes of earning a significant ROI. While BONK and SNEK suffer losses in the value of their tokens, NUGX is propelling its token price as its presale surges. This upcoming ICO offers a unique blend, focusing on a peer-to-peer ecosystem with impact gaming in sight. This article highlights the top meme coins on the decentralized cryptocurrency list, highlighting their features to determine whether they can surpass Dogecoin and offer better investment options.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Impact Gaming With Cryptocurrency

NUGX is a new meme coin offering gamification capabilities on the blockchain. This project provides players with an exciting play-to-earn game that allows them to enjoy gaming in the metaverse, where they can mine for treasures and even get gold and real cash delivered to their doorsteps in the real world. Within its model, NuggetRush provides artisanal miners in underdeveloped countries with a percentage of the rewards realized from the gameplay.

The upcoming blockchain ICO has recorded sales of over 147 million tokens as its fourth presale stage rounds up, raising over $1.6 million. This is an incredible feat for a new project, showing heightened investor interest. Over 90% of the 50 million tokens allocated to this round have been bought, and the project’s DeFi coin price is projected to rise by 20% from 0.015 USDT to 0.018 USDT.

The appeal of this blockchain ICO extends beyond its presale success. NuggetRush proposes impressive features that make it a better investment option for DOGE investors. Aside from its peer-to-peer marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs, it also offers a staking mechanism where holders can lock their NFTs to earn up to 20% ROI. The project stands out on the decentralized cryptocurrency list with a proposed list price of 100% of its initial price that is set to rise once all these features become a reality.

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Dogecoin (DOGE): Troubling Waters for the OG Meme Coin 

Dogecoin, the prevailing meme coin, has been on a 30-day decline with a significant drop in its market value. The token has witnessed a nearly 20% dip in the past month, with whales dumping about 600 million coins. Uncertainty around the token has peaked, leaving DOGE investors seeking a better option to gain substantial returns.    

In another instance, much more recently, DOGE dipped alongside top coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This dip resulted from false information passed via the SEC official account on X. The hacker relayed a message through the account that a BTC Spot ETF had been approved, causing a significant surge within 15 minutes. SEC Chair Gary Gensler debunked this news, alerting investors of the hack and plunging Bitcoin’s prices by nearly 9%. This price correction affected other tokens, including Dogecoin, whose value dipped. 

Bonk (BONK): Impressive Returns on the Solana Ecosystem

The first meme coin on the Solana blockchain, Bonk, experienced stellar performance in 2023 following the introduction of single-sided staking on the blockchain. Its rally increased by 50% a day after listing on Coinbase, a popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). Since then, BONK has witnessed exceptional gains, listings on high-profile DEXs, and price corrections.

The BONK token is experiencing newfound support as its market sentiment turns bullish following its recent listing on another top-rated DEX, OKX. Although its last price correction caused a significant dip, losing nearly 75% from its November-December surge, the token still stands strong with an unwavering trading volume. Predictions for the meme coin put Bonk on a bullish path, with a potential surge to the $0.0000175 level if it can scale and sustain the $0.0000138 support level.

Snek (SNEK): Buzzing on the Cardano Blockchain

As investors seek meme coin alternatives, another token with a memetic appeal, SNEK, emerges after challenging Bonk for 2024 meme coin top-gainer. This deflationary crypto project has gained significant attention in the crypto market, reporting a 700% year-to-date yield. Snek is tenth on the list of top meme coins by market capitalization.

The token has dipped recently, recording over 21% decrease in the DeFi coin price of its primary token. Analysts still project that it could pick up in 2024 as its developers prepare to roll out several implementations within its ecosystem. Snek has unveiled multiple attractions beyond its memetic value: an energy drink, an exchange, raffles, and, more recently, a gaming innovation, features that will propel its market value.


With DOGE dipping in market value, investors are turning to promising Dogecoin variants on the blockchain to find a superb alternative with a bullish rally. Some meme coins have been proposed for this exploration, but one stands the strongest. Bonk and Snek are top performers, experiencing price corrections in the market. Although analysts predict their rallies will pick up, investors are flocking to NuggetRush, a meme coin with impressive utility and a promising presale journey. Investors can purchase NUGX tokens at a discounted rate and await the project’s listing for more significant returns.

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