AI Predicts What Ripple’s XRP Will Be Worth When Bitcoin Hits $100,000 and the Factors That Will Drive Its Growth

XRP, the native token of the Ripple payment network, could surge to over $38 if Bitcoin reaches $100,000 – according to an AI prediction cited recently. What factors might drive such enormous growth? As @XRPXLMVERSE notes, institutional adoption and a settlement in Ripple’s ongoing legal battle seem key.

Potential 10x Returns if Bull Market Plays Out

First, the sheer magnitude of possible upside stands out – with the AI suggesting XRP could rise over 1000% from current levels near $0.56. Of course, this depends on a full-blown crypto bull market with Bitcoin hitting triple its former peak. But if such an outcome materializes, the prediction sees immense altcoin gains flowing into XRP.

Mainstream Institutional Use Critical for Growth

What circumstances could propel XRP to $38? Beyond overall market euphoria, @XRPXLMVERSE points to expanding institutional adoption as a major prerequisite.

As context, Ripple and the XRP ledger aim to facilitate global value transfer through financial institutions. By utilizing XRP for liquidity and settlement, banks can supposedly conduct faster cross-border payments.

So realizing the intended use case – mainstream banking utilization of the network – appears essential for dramatic XRP price appreciation. Without that fundamental driver, relying solely on retail speculation seems unlikely to spur a 10x climb.

SEC Case Resolution Provides Regulatory Clarity

However, before large financial organizations implement XRP-based systems, regulatory clarity likely proves required. Here, a resolution in Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC seems necessary.

The case centers on whether XRP constitutes an unregistered security. A judgment confirming that status could hamper institutional XRP adoption. Conversely, a favorable ruling may reassure enterprise counterparts about integration.

With the trial set to conclude in 2024, investors seem confident around a verdict deeming XRP a non-security commodity. Such an outcome could then open the floodgates around bank implementation.

Conclusion: Key Milestones Needed to Unlock Growth

In summary, for the AI-predicted $38 XRP price target to materialize, increased real-world usage and regulatory clarity appear essential. As @XRPXLMVERSE notes, settling the SEC case and expanding institutional partnerships would go far in enabling the token to reach its intended role – and associated lofty valuation.

Of course, predictions are never guaranteed, particularly in volatile crypto markets. But XRP bulls seem to anticipate critical milestones unfolding to unlock the network’s desired growth in 2024 and beyond.

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