Top Analyst Explains What to Expect from Arbitrum (ARB) in 2024, Sets Bullish Price Targets

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube on January 3rd, 2024, a cryptocurrency analyst who goes by Altcoin Rover shared his bullish price predictions for Arbitrum (ARB) over the next year. With the Ethereum network upgrade EIP 4844 expected to significantly improve scalability and lower costs for layer two solutions like Arbitrum, the analyst sees great potential for substantial growth ahead.

Ethereum Upgrade to Boost Arbitrum and Other Layer Twos

The EIP 4844 upgrade for Ethereum is viewed as a pivotal development that should benefit Arbitrum and similar layer two scaling solutions built on Ethereum. By enhancing rollups and lowering transaction costs, EIP 4844 can drive increased usage and adoption of Arbitrum while allowing it to reach a much wider user base than before.

“Fundamentally speaking, I think that Arbitrum is currently in a very good position to absolutely explode in the coming months,” stated Altcoin Rover. The improvements coming to Ethereum this year form a core part of the bull thesis for Arbitrum’s future growth.

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Technical Analysis and 2024 Price Targets

Besides the impact of EIP 4844, Altcoin Rover points to Arbitrum’s recent technical price action and patterns as a sign of bullish momentum building. He highlights a clear “cup and handle” breakout on the charts after Arbitrum hit a new all-time high.

While short-term price pullbacks are possible, the analyst sets an ambitious target of 20-25x gains within the next year, putting Arbitrum in the $40 to $50 price range. “I am extremely bullish about it,” he remarked. Comparisons are made to breakout rallies achieved by Uniswap, Solana, Cardano and other top crypto assets during previous bull runs.

Investment Strategy and Arbitrum Ecosystem Plays

In terms of investment strategy, Altcoin Rover focuses on a longer time horizon of 6 months to a year in order to maximize gains from major cryptocurrency price movements. He believes trying to trade short-term fluctuations is riskier and less profitable than sticking to a long term position.

Besides holding Arbitrum itself, the analyst also highlights ecosystem projects like GMX, a decentralized trading platform built using Arbitrum technology, as another way to benefit from Arbitrum’s growth. With significant personal investments in the ARB token and other ecosystem assets, he sees vast upside potential materializing in the next year.

Risks and Rewards

While enthusiastic about Arbitrum’s future prospects, Altcoin Rover does caution viewers on the considerable risks in cryptocurrency investing as well as the need to do thorough research before allocating funds. However, based on several key factors underpinning his analysis, he maintains a strongly bullish outlook. “I truly hope you did enjoy it,” he concludes. With the stars aligning fundamentally and technically, Arbitrum does appear poised for a breakout year ahead.

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