Best AI Crypto Coins – What Is The AI Crypto That Will Explode?

AI-related projects are blazing new trails, reshaping the landscape with innovative use cases and gaining significant traction. At the heart of this revolution lies the AI/Web3 pyramid, a multi-layered structure each playing a pivotal role in steering the collective ownership and evolution of AI.

This article delves into some of the most prominent projects within each layer, guiding you through the future of AI in cryptocurrency.

Quick summary:
AI Crypto CoinDescription
🔗$NET (NetMind)The native utility token of the NetMind ecosystem, designed to facilitate various functions within the platform’s decentralized AI and computing network
🌐 $AKT (Akash Network)Akash Network, an innovative open-source supercloud, forms the base of the AI pyramid. It revolutionizes the buying and selling of computing resources, essential for AI and machine learning model training. Its unique “reverse auction” system offers computing power at significantly lower prices than traditional cloud services.
🔗 $TRAC (OriginTrail)OriginTrail stands out in the data layer, creating an ecosystem for sharing trusted data as AI knowledge assets. These assets are vital in combating AI-generated misinformation, marking OriginTrail as a key player in the AI cryptocurrency domain.
💡 $TAO (OpenTensor Foundation)In the model layer, OpenTensor Foundation parallels centralized entities like OpenAI, offering decentralized access to machine learning models. With over 25 active subnets covering various use cases, OpenTensor is a leading AI crypto project to watch.
🤖 $FET ( operates in the agent layer, utilizing AI to simplify daily tasks. It allows users to create, deploy, and train agents for diverse functions within its network, highlighting its potential as a top AI cryptocurrency.
🌟 $OLAS (Service Layer)OLAS is revolutionizing AI’s on-chain growth at the service layer. It enables the creation of autonomous services powered by both off-chain and on-chain AI models. With significant increases in ecosystem activity and services/agents, OLAS is a prime example of a leading AI crypto for the future.

What are the best AI crypto projects?

NetMind Token (NMT) – The best AI crypto coin to buy now

NetMind Token (NMT) is the native utility token of the NetMind ecosystem, designed to facilitate various functions within the platform’s decentralized AI and computing network. NMT serves multiple purposes, including enabling users to pay for services on the NetMind Power platform, such as renting GPU power for AI model training or running inference.

Additionally, contributors who provide their idle GPU resources to the network are rewarded with NMT tokens as compensation for their contributions.

Beyond payments and rewards, NMT also plays a crucial role in governance and transaction processing within the NetMind ecosystem. Token holders can stake their NMT to participate in voting on important decisions that shape the platform’s future.

Moreover, NMT is used to pay gas fees for transactions on the NetMind Chain, the underlying blockchain of the platform. This dual functionality ensures that NMT is integral to both the operational and developmental aspects of the NetMind ecosystem.

1. The Hosting Layer: Akash Network ($AKT)

At the base of the AI pyramid is the Akash Network, a groundbreaking open-source supercloud. Here, users engage in the buying and selling of computing resources, essential for training AI and machine learning models.

With its unique “reverse auction” system, Akash Network offers computing power at prices up to 85% lower than traditional cloud services, making it a top contender in the list of Top AI Crypto Coins.

2. The Data Layer: OriginTrail ($TRAC)

OriginTrail stands as a beacon in the data layer, creating an ecosystem for sharing trusted data as AI knowledge assets. These assets, crucial in combating AI-generated misinformation, are a key component in the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cryptocurrencies.

The growth in the number of knowledge assets and node earnings within OriginTrail is a testament to its rising adoption and potential.

3. The Model Layer: OpenTensor Foundation ($TAO)

In the model layer, we find OpenTensor Foundation, a parallel to centralized giants like OpenAI. OpenTensor offers decentralized access to machine learning models, positioning itself as a leading AI crypto that could explode in popularity.

With over 25 active subnets catering to diverse use cases, from predictions to cloud services, OpenTensor is a project to watch in 2023.

4. The Agent Layer: ($FET), a platform at the agent layer, leverages AI to simplify daily tasks. Users can create, deploy, and train agents for various functions within the network, making a strong candidate for the best AI cryptocurrency.

Although specific growth statistics are elusive, the presence of several AI agents in the “Agentverse” indicates a growing ecosystem.

5. The Service Layer: OLAS ($OLAS)

Finally, at the service layer, OLAS is revolutionizing AI’s on-chain growth. It enables the creation of autonomous services powered by both off-chain (like Chat GPT) and on-chain (like $TAO) AI models.

With a 500% increase in ecosystem activity and an 800% rise in services/agents, OLAS is a prime example of what is the best AI crypto for 2023.

Does AI Crypto Have a Future?

The world’s tech giants are fervently developing AI chatbots and language models, signaling a clear trend: AI is set to be the next major global narrative. This shift is simple yet profound, and its implications are far-reaching, particularly in the realms of US and EU AI strategies, the burgeoning chatbot market, big tech’s AI race, and the intersection of AI with cryptocurrency.


👉 The US vs. EU AI Strategies

In a surprising turn of events, AI regulation in the United States is veering towards a more business-friendly approach, fostering innovation, competition, and access to national AI resources. This is a boon for small developers and entrepreneurs, ensuring AI safety and trust. Meanwhile, key EU nations like France, Germany, and Italy have stepped back from proposed EU AI regulations. This divergence marks the beginning of a global race for AI supremacy.

👉 The Chatbot Market Explosion

The global chatbot market is projected to reach $5 billion in 2022, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.9% from 2022 to 2032. This growth underscores the AI market’s potential as a future industry leader, with countries likely to follow the U.S. in AI investment.

👉 Big Tech’s AI Ambitions

Big tech companies are deeply invested in

AI, a trend set to intensify as the chatbot market expands. The competition for market share is evident, as seen in Baidu’s market share drop to 30% due to Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing. This race is not just about technology but also about market dominance.

👉 The Convergence of Crypto and AI

Generative AIs face challenges in training, data reliability, and high costs. Blockchain technology could address these issues by offering decentralized data marketplaces for reliable data and model training, and decentralized cloud projects as cost-efficient alternatives to traditional AI models. This synergy between blockchain and AI could revolutionize how we approach AI infrastructure.

👉 The Role of AI Blockchain Projects

Nvidia emerges as a significant beneficiary in this competitive landscape, highlighting the importance of decentralized AI infrastructures. The race for AI supremacy is not just about technological advancement but also about decentralization, which is becoming increasingly attractive and important.

💡 My Perspective

Big tech companies are rich in GPU resources, while most enterprises face a GPU deficit. Moreover, the GPU supply, crucial for AI development, is currently hampered by geopolitical tensions between the US and China. This ongoing global race for AI supremacy underscores the growing appeal and necessity of decentralization in AI technologies.

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As we explore these layers, it becomes evident that the AI cryptocurrency sector is ripe with innovation and growth. From Akash Network’s affordable computing power to OLAS’s on-chain AI services, each project contributes uniquely to the AI pyramid.

These platforms not only answer the question, “What is the best AI Cryptocurrency?” but also pave the way for a future where AI and blockchain technology seamlessly integrate, creating a new era of possibilities in the crypto world.

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