AAX Digital Asset Exchange Keeps Growing

Finding a reputable and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange can be more complicated than one may think. There are many different factors to consider, ranging from ease of use to fees and security. Nevertheless, AAX is making a significant impact in the Asia-Pacific region, as this exchange raises the bar for other competitors in the industry. 

The AAX Story So Far

Founded in early 2018 and registered in Singapore with offices across Asia and CIS, AAX has quickly built up a reputation as a digital asset exchange. With a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region and the use of LSEG Technology’s Millenium Exchange – the same matching engine as the London Stock Exchange – there is a lot on offer. More importantly, AAX is the first of its kind to join the London Stock Exchange Group’s Partner Platform. A significant milestone for a digital assets platform, indicating there is more than meets the eye.

The focal points of this exchange are security, integrity, and performance. Traditional trading platforms often sacrifice one aspect in favor of the others. AAX makes no such compromises, as the team wants to provide a seamless trading experience. 

AAX explains its business vision as follows:

“We were looking to excel along the lines of performance, security and integrity, so we could offer a trusted trading environment. For performance, we integrated our systems with LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange matching engine – the same matching engine that powers London Stock Exchange.”

Speaking of which, the team is confident its platform caters to the masses and institutional participants alike. The recent influx of institutional interest in crypto assets showcases the industry needs reliable trading platforms.

What Is On Offer?

A cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange often provides multiple features and services to its users. For AAX, there are over 50 trading pairs and many perpetual futures contracts to explore. With 100x leverage support for significant crypto assets and popular DeFi tokens, traders have numerous options at their disposal. At its core, the exchange is a deeply liquid and ultra-low latency trading platform that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, AAX users can benefit from spot trading for several dozen crypto pairs. Those who prefer a slightly different approach can accrue daily interest rates at a 50% higher rate than the current market averages. AAX Also provides Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading for larger orders. On the fiat currency front, over 20 currencies are supported in the Fast Buy section. All of these tools and options create a very compelling cryptocurrency trading platform.

One of the more recent additions to the platform is the AAX Savings option. These flexible savings options let holders of numerous cryptocurrencies earn a higher interest rate with returns generated every minute. Users can withdraw and deposit at any time without paying any fees. Removing the need for locking up funds for a specific duration is a big plus and helps empower users by giving them complete control. 

Two Major Reasons To Use AAX

All of the above sounds great, but other trading platforms are offering somewhat similar features. Be that as it may, there are a few good reasons why AAX is a different creature in this space. 

Contrary to most other trading platforms, AAX has not suffered from any “blackouts”. More specifically, the platform has remained online and accessible at all times. Guaranteeing uptime is very difficult when using any form of technology. For this platform, the intense focus on security and a solid technology stack pays dividends. Providing constant uptime is essential for markets that never sleep.

Secondly, AAX differentiates itself from the rest through its excellent and deep liquidity across all supported trading pairs and markets. For most exchanges, it is impossible to guarantee liquidity in specific segments, yet AAX’s team has seemingly found a way to resolve that concern. The major liquidity providers can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. Notable cotnributions come from the CIS regions, with Pan Europe not too far behind. 

Users who are willing to check out this trading platform can benefit from the ongoing promotions. A nice welcome bonus of up to $55 in BTC and the trading festival with a $1,500 USDT prize pool are just a few options to explore. There’s also a referral program – dubbed AAX Tribe – which can help users achieve completely free trading. The native rewards program – AAX Grand Stadium – is also worth checking out. Last but not least, there is a weekly $1m giveaway through a USDT-based flash sale of the native AAB token. 

What Is The AAB Token About?

It is a courtesy for digital asset exchanges to issue their native token. In AAX’s case, that token is AAB, an asset launched in April of 2020. The initial launch was a success as over $9 million was raised in the first three days. Such a strong interest in this token and its benefits has proven beneficial to the trading platform, as AAX continues to grow its user base by leaps and bounds. 

The AAB token provides a few benefits, including:

  • discounted trading fees
  • access to exclusive services and facilities, trading bots, trading signals, and more.
  • higher returns on lending, staking, and saving
  • lower fees for borrowing funds through AAX
  • access to unique financial products

All of these benefits enhance the overall user experience for regular traders and institutional clients. AAX Is not just about trading, though, as its services go well beyond buying and selling of assets. With a growing focus on asset management opportunities, there is a lot to check out. At the same time, the exchange remains very accessible to newcomers who want to buy a small amount of cryptocurrency and explore the many different services on tap. 

Expanding Beyond Asia-Pacific

Even though AAX has focused its attention on the Asia-Pacific region, that situation will come to change for the most part. The platform gains growing traction globally and is making headway in Russia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. These regions are hubs of growing cryptocurrency activity and interest, making them a good area for companies like AAX to explore.

Additionally, AAX is expanding its operations and offerings. With the help of the underpinning LSEG infrastructure, there is more than sufficient matching engine capacity to unlock other use cases. 

An expansion is not possible without the right technology partners, however. AAX partners include the London Stock Exchange Group, Kroll, Refinitiv, Copper, Elliptic, and Solidus Labs. These firms provide numerous solutions, including market surveillance, cybersecurity services, custodial insurance, and regulatory on-chain monitoring. 

During the first half of 2021, AAX noted substantial user growth. A tenfold increase in active users confirms the exchange is checking a lot of the right boxes for many people with an interest in cryptocurrencies. 

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