Your Investment is Worth $0 if You Get Hacked: Top5 Tools to Increase Security in Crypto

The potential for 10-100x investment returns can be alluring. However, these returns are meaningless if your assets are compromised by hackers. As such, it is paramount to continually enhance your Web3 security. Here, we delve into the top 5 tools that can help fortify your on-chain security and protect your hard-earned money.

@RevokeCash is a well-known tool that allows users to revoke all contracts that have spending permissions. This is crucial as hackers could drain your wallet if they gain control of these contracts. It is recommended to revoke contracts at least once or twice a week.

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@bubblemaps is another indispensable tool for on-chain enthusiasts. It enables users to identify wash trading or connected wallets, which can be a red flag for potential market manipulation. If a few wallets hold a large percentage of tokens and are interconnected, they could potentially manipulate the market by dumping tokens.

@Rabby_io is more than just a wallet. It simulates transactions, providing a clearer overview of what will happen with your transactions. Many users have found Rabby to be a superior alternative to MetaMask due to its enhanced features and user-friendly interface.

@DeDotFi is a comprehensive DeFi security tool that provides a range of services, including contract and token scanning, and revoking permissions. It also offers a suite of products tailored for yield farmers and NFT enthusiasts. Notably, DeDotFi has developed a Web3 antivirus, @DeDotFiSecurity, to further bolster its security offerings.

@wallet_guard is an open-source browser extension designed to simplify security and transactions for users. It simulates transactions, showing you the potential outcome before you commit. Additionally, it is equipped to detect potential scams and fake websites, adding an extra layer of protection for your assets.

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