XRP Embraces Bullish Run, Galaxy Fox Continues to Rise Steady

Uncertainty has hung over Ripple ($XRP) for months, but in a quick succession of defeats for the SEC in the US court system, momentum returns to this cross-border payments crypto solution. Earlier this year, a landmark ruling announced that $XRP was not, in fact, a security, and more recently, in October, the SEC dropped charges against Ripple Labs executives.

This change in attitude led Coinbase to relist $XRP and introduce derivatives contracts- specialized trading instruments aimed at institutional traders. Heightened institutional interest makes $XRP one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and has made one Wall Street expert incredibly bullish. But regarding risk-adjusted returns, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is at the top of the list, and this nascent protocol could be the next big thing. 

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) GameFi Growth & Profit Sharing

Galaxy Fox operates in multiple market verticals, all expected to explode in the next two years. Its native game, a Web3 runner, lets users earn while playing, and the unique NFT collection allows players to augment their stats and stack the odds in their favor.

NFT valuations have reached their bottom and will begin an upward cascade in several months. Alongside this, GameFi is expected to be a trojan horse for crypto onboarding millions of new users already familiar with the concept of digital currencies. Galaxy Fox integrates both into its ecosystem alongside a nuanced tokenomics model that allows investors to share in the profits of the ecosystem.

The Galaxy Fox Stargate module will be the staking hub. It collects 2% of ecosystem transactions and pays them out proportionally to stakers. This means those staking earn profits as the ecosystem expands, and because the rewards come from token taxes, investors do not have to worry about inflationary rewards.

$GFOX employs a deflationary model thanks to token burns permanently removing tokens from circulation. Naturally, increasing their value and Stargate will act as a token sink, meaning the price exploratory phase for $GFOX should be highly explosive. No wonder it has been listed as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.

Given the fact the project is still in its presale and long-term could eventually launch on major centralized exchanges, $GFOX is easily one of the top cryptos to buy right now. It has dramatic upside potential. Join the presale early and enjoy staggered price increases and passive income from staking post-launch. 


Coinbase Approves Ripple ($XRP) Derivatives Contracts: Wall Street Expert Bullish

A reputable Wall Street expert has flipped bullish on Ripple following Coinbase offering derivatives contracts for $XRP. But why do these derivatives contracts make $XRP a top crypto to invest in? These trading products are tailored to institutional investors who like to trade with size, and these products will increase volatility.

In crypto, there is no better marketing than price action. Institutional investors taking large positions and moving the price of $XRP will likely draw in many retail investors who either engage in leveraged trading or buy spot.

Either way, increased market dynamics for the native $XRP token will bring attention to Ripple services and likely increase demand for $XRP.

Closing Thoughts: $GFOX the Top Crypto to Buy Now?

When it comes to the top crypto to buy in 2023, investors need to look forward. As Powell cuts rates and all the liquidity currently stored in treasuries looks for an outlet, the largest beneficiaries will be risk assets.

As risk-on behavior gets rewarded by the market, crypto investors will increasingly target smaller-cap projects, making them the best cryptocurrencies to buy. Imagine if investors could arrive nearly a year in advance of others. That is the potential that Galaxy Fox offers early participants in its presale. Join today and enjoy the lowest possible entry price with an expected 450% upside before launch!

Learn More About Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter 

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