XRP Drops to Critical Support, BNB Ecosystem Expands, Borroe.Finance Surges 25%

$XRP’s market movement is a sharp contrast to its current price. Its user count is growing while its price keeps falling. Likewise, $BNB’s ecosystem is expanding to include more payment services. Yet, $BNB battles with strong market volatility. One project whose popularity matches its growth is Borroe.Finance ($ROE), an invoice financing powerhouse for Web 3.0 platforms. 

Out of the above, which project is the best crypto to buy now? Let’s discuss.


$XRP Drops Despite Rising User Count

$XRP’s adoption has risen since July 13, 2023, when it secured a victory over the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On September 17, $XRP’s user count had climbed to 4.7 million. Yet, $XRP has been highly volatile due to the current bear market. The volatility was caused by the market fall of early September.

$XRP was trading at $0.52 on August 30. It fell by 5.7% to $0.49 on September 1. By September 18, $XRP had fallen by 2.0% to $0.50. Analysts say the $0.50 mark is $XRP’s crucial support, and failure to break above could mean a market fall.

Since its victory on July 13, $XRP’s popularity has skyrocketed alongside its number of wallets. It has also been listed on a few exchanges. Some analysts say $XRP’s rising popularity could translate to a price jump when the market reverses its current bearish trend. These analysts predict that $XRP will rise to $0.63 due to its growing demand.

$BNB Holders: Excited about New Payment Feature in Latin America

The goal to increase $BNB’s adoption has gotten a massive boost thanks to a new payment feature in Latin America. On August 29, 2023, Binance launched “Send Cash” –  a payment feature that allows users to transfer crypto from Binance pay. The platform would be available in nine Latin American countries

The announcement was a boost to $BNB’s community as it signified the reliability of Binance services. While this news could have caused some price movement for $BNB, unfortunately, the September market crash took the highest toll. 

$BNB was trading at $226.86 on August 29, following the announcement of Binance’s new payment feature. By September 1, $BNB had dropped by 5.9% to $213.29.

The launch of “Send Cash” is not the only expansion of its services recently. On June 9, BNB was added as a staking collateral asset. Analysts say Binance’s expanding services could boost BNB’s performance when the market enters a bullish run. Based on such predictions, $BNB could rise by 3.8% to $221.43 due to its growing services.

Borroe.Finance Enters Stage 2 of its Presale As Token Sales Exceed 90 Million

Borroe.Finance has one primary goal – providing easily accessible credit facilities to the Web 3.0 industry. It uses a peer-to-peer system of taking loans built on trading recurrent revenues. On Borroe.Finance ($ROE): users buy and sell invoices, royalties, and management fees in exchange for loans.


To qualify for these loans, users must have their creditworthiness vetted by Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, they rely on fractionalized NFTs to collateralize their future revenue. Borroe.Finance stands out from other invoice financing platforms as it looks to fund 80-90% of funding requests. Finally, it offers immediate funding. Likewise, loan approvals can take as little as one hour.

Borroe.Finance’s ($ROE) users enjoy extra privacy and anonymity. They also enjoy real-time invoice tracking, which creates a smoother experience for users. Borroe.Finance also provides low transaction fees, instant funding, and payouts.

Borroe.Finance’s ($ROE) set of services has increased its reputation among investors. Over 90 million $ROE tokens have been sold as more users rush to capitalize on its blockchain ICO. $ROE is trading at $0.0150, and it’s in Stage 2 of its presale

Experts say it will rise from its current price to reach $0.0400 when its presale ends. Such price projections make $ROE one of the top ICO tokens.

Learn more about Borroe.Finance ($ROE) here:

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