With Terra Classic’s Price on the Decline, What Makes Rebel Satoshi an Attractive Option for Investors?


  • Terra Classic has ‘burned’ over 85 billion tokens since May 2022
  • New Rebel Satoshi fuels crypto rebellion in the current financial system 

The latest minor pullback in the Terra Classic (LUNC) price exemplifies the high volatility in crypto. But, given the project’s recent restorative efforts, investors will hope this is a temporary decline. Still, some buyers prefer to stay away due to the infamous crash of 2022.

Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) is a fresh, untainted meme coin targeting rebel-minded investors to challenge the norms and celebrate all things defiant. We’ll look at the current landscape of each project, beginning with Terra Classic. 

Terra Classic LUNC Burn Hits 85 Billion Token Milestone

Following the dramatic fall of Terra in May 2022, the rebranded Terra Classic has emphasized token ‘burning.’ Since May 18, 2022, over 85 billion LUNC tokens have been ‘burnt’ or removed from circulation.

Terra Classic has ramped up the burn rate in the last few months with the help of Binance, averaging 200 million LUNC per week. Moreover, the troubled exchange has recently introduced a perpetual futures contract for the USTC stablecoin, another positive boost. In another strategy to boost awareness and interest, an airdrop is available for existing LUNC holders.

LUNC increased 416% since mid-October 2023 from $0.00005419 to $0.00028000 before dropping 36% to $0.00018000. Still, LUNC is among the altcoins to watch. Estimates indicate a minimum trading range of $0.000300-$0.000600 for the coming year.

Let’s wrap up this news by learning more about Rebel Satoshi and its plans to be in the top 5 cryptocurrencies within the meme coin market.


Rebel Satoshi Ignites Crypto Rebellion In Modern Finance

Rebel Satoshi is reimagining rebellion in the modern financial era inspired by Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a defiant meme token pushing for more decentralization in this oppressive system.

Rebel Satoshi understands an engaged community is the key to a successful meme crypto. Members will be involved in several virtual gatherings, interactive games, and collaborative ventures, inspiring each other to challenge the norms.

The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame, an exclusive space for selected early adopters, is another avenue for fun and meme culture. Here, the best rebel-themed memes will receive public acclaim in a dedicated community gallery.

Financially, RebelSatoshi offers rewards through staking and the coolest NFT collections:

  • You can receive low-effort passive income through staking while maintaining blockchain security.
  • The Rebel Artefacts Vault is a treasure chest of exchangeable 9,999 digital assets in the form of NFTs based on these symbolic characters: 6,831 Citizens, 2,000 Rebels, 999 Warriors, Monarchs, and the rare Recusants (19).

The key enabler to these benefits is the $RBLZ token. It’s an Ethereum-based coin with a capped supply of 250 million, equaling better tokenomics than LUNC. 

Rebel Satoshi is set to ‘burn’ any unsold tokens after its presale in a nod to the Gunpowder Plot with Guy Fawkes and his conspirators. Buyers will want to own a large portion of $RBLZ (currently worth $0.018) before this burn event.

Current buyers should anticipate 38% gains once RebelSatoshi launches, as the token will be valued at $0.025. Other developments following the presale include exchange listings, the release of the first NFT collection, and more!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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