Why Top Crypto Analyst Is Dumping Bitcoin (BTC) to Buy Starknet (STRK), Arbitrum (ARB), and These 4 Cryptos

In a recent video, prominent crypto analyst Crypto Rover explains why he is selling his Bitcoin holdings to buy several altcoins that he believes will outperform Bitcoin in the coming months.

Crypto Rover begins by noting that the crypto market tends to move in cycles, with money tending to flow from Bitcoin into Ethereum and top altcoins, then down to smaller altcoins as the “altcoin season” ramps up – a period where altcoins can see massive gains. He believes we’re entering the early stage of the next altcoin season.

With Bitcoin recovering strongly from recent dips, Crypto Rover sees more upside potential in altcoins that still lag behind their all-time highs. This makes for good entry points before their next major rally.

Ethereum Upgrades Driving Growth

A key catalyst is the upcoming Ethereum EIP-4844 upgrade around March 13, 2024, which aims to significantly improve Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solutions by reducing fees. Crypto Rover expects this update, along with a possible Ethereum ETF approval, to drive institutional investment into Ethereum and altcoins.

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Given the upcoming Ethereum network improvements and the dynamics of the altcoin season, Crypto Rover shares the following altcoins he’s buying by selling his Bitcoin:

Ethereum (ETH): Crypto Rover is bullish on Ethereum itself due to the upcoming EIP-4844 update around March 13, 2024 which aims to significantly enhance Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solutions. This upgrade, along with the potential approval of a spot Ethereum ETF, is expected to drive substantial institutional investment into Ethereum.

Arbitrum (ARB): Arbitrum is expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the EIP 4844 update. By improving Arbitrum’s efficiency, the update could lead to exponential growth for its market cap.

Optimism (OP): Backed by major exchanges, Optimism is another Ethereum Layer 2 poised to perform well thanks to the Ethereum network improvements.

Polygon (MATIC): As the largest existing Layer 2 network, Polygon is expected to continue leading the pack in the next bull run. While its growth may be steadier than other altcoins, Crypto Rover still sees strong upside potential.

Starknet (STRK): Recently launched, Starknet could see its valuation balloon thanks to growth in the wider Ethereum ecosystem spurred by the updates.

AltLayer (ALT): As a newly launched project, AltLayer has minimal selling pressure locked in. In the frenzy of altcoin season, new projects often perform extremely well, so Crypto Rover sees AltLayer as a good speculative bet.

He chooses these because they should benefit most from improvements to Ethereum. While Bitcoin will likely keep rising, he believes these altcoins will dramatically outperform Bitcoin over the next 6-12 months.

As Crypto Rover says: “I sold my Bitcoin off to be buying these altcoins because Bitcoin has been performing very well towards the upside, but I can clearly see in all the data that there is even more potential upside for altcoins.”

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