Why the Next Crypto Bull Run Will Be the ‘Last Big’ Rally – Analyst

Crypto commentator Lady of Crypto recently sparked debate after arguing that the next major crypto bull run will be the “last big” one of its kind. She points to growing institutional involvement as setting the stage to severely limit the scale and scope of future rallies.

The Great Institutional Migration

Lady of Crypto explained that as major traditional finance players like BlackRock enter the still-nascent crypto space, they will effectively “turn crypto into stock market 2.0.” Essentially, their influx of capital and lobbying for regulation will serve to sterilize the traditionally volatile crypto markets.

While this will likely catalyze one final parabolic advance, she believes the days of “1000x shitcoin runs” are numbered. Future bull runs will become increasingly subdued as crypto transitions into the realm of traditional finance.

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Vocal Crypto Investor Disagrees

However, prominent crypto personality Satoshi Flipper disagrees with her thesis. He firmly believes that institutional involvement will not spell the end for major crypto rallies.

While the two disagree on the trajectory of the crypto markets, Lady of Crypto clarified her stance further. She again stated that while future bull runs will still occur, their scale and profit potential will diminish substantially as crypto transitions into “boring tradfi.”

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So while optimism persists on hopes for one final breathtaking rally, concerns linger that the crypto glory days could soon meet their end. If Lady of Crypto’s vision proves prescient, investors may need to temper their expectations of 1000x gains repeating indefinitely into the future.

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