Why Ripple’s XRP Will Drastically Outperform Bitcoin in the Upcoming Bull Run

In a recent video, crypto enthusiast Matt makes an impassioned case for why XRP is primed to “drastically outperform Bitcoin” when the next major crypto bull market finally kicks into high gear. He cites several reasons why the fortune of the two major crypto assets may diverge.

Massive Growth Potential First, Matt points out XRP’s relative upside compared to Bitcoin: “XRP will drastically outperform Bitcoin in this upcoming bull cycle when Bitcoin finally hits a new all-time high.” He suggests Bitcoin may only see a “three, four maybe fivefold increase” from current levels, while “XRP is going to put that to shame.”

Historical Precedent Furthermore, XRP has shown explosive growth in past crypto rallies, as Matt notes: “XRP has been so artificially suppressed in terms of price action because of the SEC, and historically we know it just melts faces when it runs.” He highlights data showing XRP massively outperformed Bitcoin percentage-wise in the bull run of 2017.

Patience Required However, Matt cautions that realizing XRP’s potential requires patience during interim lulls, saying “The reason he [another YouTuber] got rid of XRP…it wasn’t because anything changed fundamentally or in the charts or anything of the sort, it’s because he was impatient.”

Still Tracking Bitcoin Nonetheless, Matt sees room for optimism in XRP’s recent price moves: “If Bitcoin is going to run like this, of course, XRP is going to run, and we’ve already seen it behaving in the way that we should expect it to, which is to say that it still moves in correlation with Bitcoin.”

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In summary, while uncertainties like the SEC case linger, Matt makes a strong case that patient XRP investors could see exponential growth that leaves Bitcoin’s gains far behind when market momentum truly accelerates. For crypto believers, that payoff may justify enduring the volatility ahead.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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