Why Have Binance and Other Major Exchanges Not Listed Kaspa? When Will KAS Reach $1?

Kaspa (KAS) is an innovative proof-of-work cryptocurrency that has garnered significant enthusiasm for its groundbreaking technology. However, despite strong fundamentals, Kaspa has yet to secure listings on top-tier exchanges like Binance.

Why the Wait?

According to digital asset marketplace expert Nicholas Sismil, formerly of Binance US, the main delays stem from stringent due diligence processes conducted by large exchanges. As Sismil explains:

It takes a long time to set up a node for a listing’s wallet team for proof-of-work and L1 coins – mainly because they have to conduct security audits of the protocol and its coin. This process can sometimes take up take up to 8 months.”

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These exhaustive security reviews aim to ensure the stability and safety of any new asset added to an exchange’s offerings.

The novelty of Kaspa’s blockchain innovations likely compounds the complexity of properly vetting it. So while inconvenient for eager investors, the caution exercised by exchanges seems prudent given the sums of money at play.

Impact of Major Exchange Listings

Once checkpoints are cleared, Sismil notes that major exchanges will race to add Kaspa, stating: “I have no doubt that Kaspa will eventually be listed on every major exchange, as its daily volume is a gold mine for any exchange.”

This lines up with optimistic price predictions highlighted in a recent video from analyst Crypto T, who explains:

“There will be so much liquidity flowing into Kaspa… we need those T1 listings.”

The sentiment is that major exchange listings would rapidly accelerate adoption and liquidity for KAS. Crypto T suggests this could spark a price surge retesting Kaspa’s all-time high around $1 in relatively short order.

So despite current impatience, the long regulatory roadmap should pay dividends for Kaspa holders when big exchange catalysts finally materialize.

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