Why are Anonymous Online Casinos on the Rise

 Online gambling was always on the cutting edge of the latest tech trends. It used innovations to provide the best service to its customers and in many cases it helped develop the technology to create new services.

Recently, anonymous betting is the most sought-after quality of an online casino. The use of cryptocurrencies has made it possible for players to bet online without providing personal information. Using BTC as a payment method also has other advantages for both casinos and the players. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what’s driving the rise of anonymous casinos.

How to Bet Like a Ghost

When using casinos that allow payments in fiat currencies only, players need to provide personal information. This includes a bank account number or a card number depending on the payment method you’re using. Some players find this inconvenient and it can even be a security concern.

Wagering on crypto gambling sites doesn’t require players to provide bank info. All you need to do to connect a casino account with a crypto wallet is to add an email address. Since there’s no central financial institution behind cryptocurrencies there’s no information to divulge.

Avoiding Online Ads 

Every time players leave their personal information online, they end up being bombarded by online ads. It’s an additional revenue for online gambling establishments and sites and it’s a convenient way to find potential customers. Players are going to great lengths to avoid it.

Virtual private networks allow players to change their IP addresses so they can’t be traced to their real location. Many players also use adblockers when visiting such gaming platforms.  Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method provides an additional level of security, allowing players to avoid targeted ads.

Gambling Globally

 Cryptocurrency casinos have other advantages also stemming from the fact that they don’t have a centralized structure to report to. They can be accessed and used from all over the world and the payments will be just as fast, secure, and anonymous. This opens up markets that were previously closed due to government actions.

Some governments don’t allow gambling and others don’t allow the use of cryptocurrency. However, with the use of VPNs and crypto payments, there are basically no restraints. Middle class is growing in parts of the world that otherwise don’t allow gambling and with all that disposable income, there are more potential players to play against.

Fast Transactions

 Transactions made with cryptocurrency are much faster than those using traditional fiat money. This is also due to the nature of the blockchain technology and the lack of centralized infrastructure. The transactions made in crypto are available right away regardless of the amount and the speed is the same when depositing and withdrawing the money.

With fiat currency casinos players need to wait a while before they get to withdraw the funds. The time it takes depends on the payment method you’re using and the amount you’re transferring.

Being Anonymous

 In many cultures, there’s still a stigma associated with gambling online. It can be a harmless hobby if it’s done responsibly and for some players, it’s a chance to earn a bit in the process. Gambling on BTC casinos resolves the issues since no one needs to know how you’re spending your time online.

This is more of a concern for players who are gambling big and want to be discreet about their winnings, but the system works the same for anyone. In recent years, governments have been stricter about taxing the winnings made in cryptocurrency, so the approach to anonymity may change as well.

A Change in Attitude 

Players have had a change in attitude lately when it comes to privacy. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the extent of personal information every player leaves online has changed dramatically. Players are more aware of it as most younger players have spent their whole lives online.

Casinos are also becoming more upfront and transparent about the information they are keeping and using for marketing purposes. Cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years as well, and they’ve proven to answer the concerns younger players are having.

Tech-Savvy Players 

Younger players are more tech-savvy and more in tune with the changes in the industry. At the same time, the use of BTC has become easier and more user-friendly. When wagering, players can use a crypto wallet in the same way they would any other payment method, such as a bank or an e-wallet.

Casinos are always for ways to attract the next generation of players. Using crypto as a payment option has its benefits, but it also serves to show that a casino is forward-looking and that it pays attention to the trends in the industry. The same goes for adapting and accepting new cryptocurrencies as they gain traction.

Unique Game Features

 Bitcoin casinos provide unique gaming features that you couldn’t get with fiat currencies. In-game features provided by BTC casinos are more similar to computer games than traditional gambling games. They are usually an addition to games of luck such as slots or dice and they present a nice break from somewhat monotonous gambling.

The terms of these additional bets are written in the blockchain code. That way they are executed automatically as soon as the terms are met. It ensures that the game is fair and that the players will get the winnings they were promised.

New Regulation

 Regulations are changing when it comes to cryptocurrency, now that it’s widely used and accepted as a payment option in countries all over the world. Money laundering problems many countries are facing may change how BTC casinos use cryptocurrency and it may change the rules for players as well.

Some casinos are already implementing the “know your customer” laws which require the casinos to provide their name. This may be a shape of things to come but at this point, there are plenty of casinos to choose from that allow completely incognito gambling.

Shape of Things to Come

 The use of cryptocurrency casinos and the popularity of anonymous gambling aren’t just a short-term trend. BTC have found their way to countless different industries and companies and they’ve improved the customer experience in many of them. The demographics of those who bet online also show the importance of online safety will remain an issue for years if not decades to come.

New technologies such as augmented and virtual reality have already been implemented in many casinos and they create an additional need for privacy. As these technologies become more widespread so will the use of anonymous gambling.

To Sum Things Up

 Online crypto casinos allows players to make their wagers using cryptocurrency. This in turn means that there’s no reason for them to provide bank or debit card information. Players find this to be a useful feature as too much of their personal information is already posted online. Being incognito online allows BTC players to avoid targeted ads and provides privacy when it comes to their betting practices.

Using BTC as a payment option comes with other benefits, such as secure payments, fast transactions, and additional mini-games. The payments are easy to make and using crypto wallets is intuitive so that any player can quickly learn how to do it.

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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