Who is going to reign gaming and gambling on blockchain? Tron (TRX) and EOS to lock horns

Video games are one of the biggest industries in the world. In 2018 alone, video games will generate $137 billion, a 13% increase year-over-year.

Many argue that the first (or the second if you count bitcoin as the first killer app) killer app for cryptocurrencies is going to be in the gaming industry. Allowing gamers to earn real money while playing is a big deal.

Gamers right now are paying to play video games, they’re paying to buy the games, and they’re paying for in game items like skins and dances. Gamers don’t yet realize they want to profit off these in games items, because there has yet to be a mainstream game that shows them another way.

Gamers are very young demographics. A Pew Research study found that 67 percent of respondents age 18-29 play video games, but only 22 percent of them say the term “gamer” describes them well.

Advantages of crypto in gaming

  1. okenizing in game assets allows them to be traded between games.
  2. Cryptocurrencies can be used in game for players to make money.
  3. Game assets can be sold for cryptocurrencies.
  4. Immutability and unhackability are important too (though the mainstream gamer won’t care about actually owning assets as long as he/she is making money and having fun).

Tron vs EOS

Tron detailed their intentions to launch a blockchain-based gaming fund, which is called ‘Tron Arcade’. They note this was put together in order to empower developers, by providing this with funding of $100 million over the next three years.

EOS has a similar fund with much lower budget though, around $15 million.

If you throw a glance on the most used dapps on both platforms, gambling dapps are absolutely dominating the top 10 charts on both blockchains. Gaming dapps come in far-trailing second.

EOS is leading the whole crypto market with number of transactions in the last 24hrs with a whopping 6.5 million transactions followed by Tron with 1.7 million. Everyone else is miles behind, Ethereum had only half a million transactions in the last 24 hours.

Who is better suited to win the battle for gaming industry? Both TRX and EOS are designed with speed and volume in mind – they are both versions of delegated proof of stake that consciously makes trade offs on expense of decentralization to the benefit of scalability.

It will boil down to the brand reputation and marketing efforts and that field is where TRX has shown to be leading project. Justin Sun has a pompous and cheesy approach in hyping Tron but it clearly works and garners attention and adoption in the crypto community. This is the main reason I believe Tron will, at least in the short term, pull ahead in the race of the king of blockchain gaming.

By far the most ambitious project in all of cryptocurrency and blockchain right now goes by the name of TRON. Its vision is to decentralize the whole internet as we know it, with a very strong focus on content creation and delivery. To do so, the team is forging key partnerships, making key acquisitions, and pushing hard in terms of marketing. There are also the native smart contracts to take advantage of, thanks to the recently released TRON Virtual Machine. There are still a lot of future developments to look forward to where this project is concerned.

Have a look at the current Tron price or Tron price prediction for 2019 & 2020.

It is evident that building a blockchain service for one specific purpose is no longer a desired option. In the case of EOS, its developers are working on a multi-pronged approach, primarily because they aim to support a wide variety of services, platforms, dApps, and tools. Ranging from cloud storage to authentication services and account management, EOS is not limited to one specific feature. With the main net launch of EOS occurring recently, an important step toward mainstream traction has been taken.

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Damian Booker
Damian Booker

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