What to Consider Before Trading Ripple; Increasing Popularity of AI Altcoin Amongst Big Investors

2023 turned out to be an eventful year for Ripple (XRP) which saw its share of ups and downs. It shot to the limelight after its victory in a lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

In its lawsuit, the regulatory body had accused the blockchain company of allegedly violating existing securities law. Ripple’s victory came as a relief to many, and crypto users took it as a sign to amp up their holdings. 

The past year also witnessed the rise of another altcoin known as InQubeta (QUBE) which features a unique NFT marketplace where AI startups can find investors for their projects. 

The altcoin has left investors impressed with the way it has been transforming the startup ecosystem. Continuing its streak, it has emerged as one of the best altcoins to buy now. Its current presale funding stands at $8.2 million.

InQubeta: Speeding up AI innovation with DeFi 

InQubeta is a user-friendly platform where AI startups and investors can find growth opportunities. Its native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token and its supply is capped at 1.5 billion with 35% of the stock used for meeting operational expenses. The remaining tokens are being sold during a public sale.

Another key use of the QUBE token is that it can be staked. By staking, token holders can support the platform’s all-round development while earning passive income. The staking rewards are distributed from a token pool funded by tax collections. 

InQubeta’s rise as one of the top crypto coins helped by its deflationary token. This token fortifies your portfolio by keeping it safe from inflation. The immunity against market forces is achieved by controlling the asset’s supply and ensuring that it is always lower than the demand.

The difference between demand and supply maintains competitive prices and minimizes fluctuations. If the supply does increase, the token burn mechanism burns all excess tokens.

Investors can assess startup projects at InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. Here, the offers submitted by startups for investors are tokenized and then sold. The startups have to undergo a screening process where the InQubeta team checks if their goals align with those of the platform.  

Investors can evaluate these NFTs before purchasing them on the marketplace, which allows fractional investment too. 

It’s more than funding that startups can find on InQubeta as the platform has a range of business development services that help enterprises scale. 

The platform can connect entrepreneurs with AI experts from across the world so that they can learn from the latter’s experiences. They can find potential mentors who can guide startups in their growth journeys and avoid pitfalls.

If a startup team feels they could use some help in understanding financial issues, they can avail themselves of InQubeta’s legal and accounting support. The platform’s team of trusted advisors will help companies in resolving any legal tangle or financial challenge. 

In the coming months, the InQubeta team is gearing up to roll out several new features, including more marketing campaigns. It also plans to unveil a staking dApp and to get the QUBE token listed on a centralized exchange. 

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Ripple chief calls for “mature players” to represent crypto sector at Davos

Ripple is a platform providing blockchain-based solutions for businesses. It is one of the best crypto investments available for enterprises today as it can help them not just expand, but also lower costs and target new audience groups. Its native token is XRP.

Ripple’s journey through 2023 was marked by strong gains, especially in the wake of its victory over the SEC in a lawsuit. According to analysts, XRP holders must factor this before deciding what to do next with their Ripple holdings. It might be a good decision to hold for the long term rather than engage in short-term trading as XRP could rise rapidly once it overcomes all legal challenges. 

In a recent interview, Ripple Labs’ president Monica Long said that the crypto sector needs to be represented by more “mature players” at the World Economic Forum’s latest summit at Davos who could help institutions and individuals leverage the opportunities it has to offer. Long said the move would do away with any “hype” associated with the sector. 

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Ripple and InQubeta are good cryptos to buy as they have the potential to do much more than a regular asset. These cryptocurrencies enable their investors to become financially independent using their diverse features. They are also good options for those eyeing a diversified portfolio.

The two digital currencies are helping businesses leverage blockchain for a wide array of uses and expand their growth. With their enterprise-grade solutions, they empower startups and businesses to achieve all their goals.

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