Whales Leaving $SHIB for This New Memecoin? 

In the early trading sessions of January, crypto whales moved a significant amount of $SHIB and withdrew investments from Shiba Inu, possibly some of which was rotated to purchase new presale memecoin, $GFOX. This token of the Galaxy Fox project is the latest buzz in the crypto world. It has attracted many whales in the crypto space due to its versatility and promising features like P2E gaming, NFTs, and the weekly and monthly residual income for its top performers. Read on to learn more about this latest news.

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$GFOX – The Hottest New Memecoin

$GFOX is well sought-after among meme tokens for its hybrid nature: memecoin and P2E token. It has pulled ahead of P2E tokens like APE, GALA, Sandbox, and $ICP. $GFOX’s substantial growth has contributed to its recognition in the crypto-verse as a top-ranked coin. 

In addition, Galaxy Fox offers great opportunities to earn residual income through staking, possessing $GFOX tokens, NFTs, and P2E gaming. These features within its ecosystem have caught the attention of both seasoned and potential investors in the crypto community. Besides staking to earn real money, holders get their proportional share over time from the Galaxy Fox Stargate, the central hub that distributes rewards to staked $GFOX.

Furthermore, $GFOX is likely to pump before the end of January due to its thriving community and solid tokenomics. With its price at $0.001749,  $GFOX holders have been drawn to the project due to its versatility and resilience. 

Moreover, Galaxy Fox offers its holders opportunities in gaming by offering a Web3 runner game. Holders not only enjoy the thrill of the game but also earn real rewards. The ecosystem allows players to boost their chances with their $GFOX tokens. These boosters enhance their attributes, agility, strength, and speed to outperform their opponents and end up among the 20% top performers who receive rewards. Also, holders have access to purchase Galaxy Fox NFTs with their P2E game tokens to have an edge over other players.

As each session ends on the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, the top 20% on the leaderboard have rewards of game tokens on weekly and monthly segments. This financial opportunity triggers high performance and participation of players within the gaming world. Also, $GFOX gaming allows its holders to earn real money after conversion, motivating them to strive for top positions among other players.

Presently, Galaxy Fox, in its 6th presale stage, has sold over 2.1 billion tokens and raised a $2.3 million value. Analysts in the crypto community are convinced that $GFOX has the potential to achieve a 100x increase in value due to its unique position in the Play-to-Earn gaming sector and its innovative use of Web3. Also, its hybridization of memecoin and play-to-earn model has caught the attention of great investors, who see it as a groundbreaking concept with significant growth potential. 

Whales Leave Shiba Inu for Better Returns

Shiba Inu’s holders have taken a hit as unknown whales moved over 4.2 trillion $SHIB tokens worth $44.5 million from this ecosystem. 

While the reasons for this massive pullout of Shiba Inu’s ecosystem aren’t entirely clear, many analysts in the crypto-verse believe it might be due to the recent Bitcoin crash. This sudden drop has also caused ripple effects in the crypto community, potentially contributing to Shiba Inu’s dip, losing 8.35%. Despite the recent crash, Galaxy Fox community continues to thrive as $GFOX raised the bar beyond the crypto experts’ predictions. This explosive move happened within a short period while more promising figures are expected before $GFOX enters its 7th stage. Thanks to its GameFi/Meme coin hybrid.

However, many Shiba Inu investors have lost confidence as $SHIB has seen a sharp decline in its network growth. Presently, $SHIB price is at $0.000010, and has yet to show signs of making a significant recovery. 

Galaxy Fox remains one of the most promising projects of 2024 in cryptocurrency and gaming, potentially stealing the spotlight from other memecoins to lead the the burgeoning P2E gaming sector. 

Take away 

Galaxy Fox $GFOX is presenting a serious challenge to investors fleeing Shiba Inu. With its hybrid nature of memecoin and P2E tokens, $GFOX has the potential for significant growth and significant ROI. At the same time, its impressive presale figures and unique value proposition have positioned it as the best option for investors looking for the hottest new small cap memecoin projects. Get involved today, before this one explodes on retail exchanges!

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