Whales Closing In On This Presale Fast. Find Out What’s Got Their Attention

Demand for Bitcoin ($BTC) futures has surged, and open interest approached nearly $21 billion in early December. TradFi actors are rushing into the digital asset space, and options, a slightly more sophisticated financial tool, are their bread and butter. Whales wading into crypto markets opens plenty of long-tail growth opportunities for smaller protocols outside the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Alongside all the excitement surrounding $BTC narrative trades remain popular, and GameFi appears to be the big one to bet on this cycle. Whales are closing in on a new presale fast. It is time to dive into Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) and discover what’s got their attention.

What is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)?

Galaxy Fox has drawn attention for raising over $650,000 in only a few weeks. In current market conditions, larger investors search for early signs of momentum, which typically leads to later outperformance. Is this what they have seen in this new play-to-earn token? But what is Galaxy Fox?

At first glance, $GFOX appears like a standard P2E crypto project. Players who end the season in the top 20% of the global leaderboard earn prizes. These prizes can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens-  the basic financial incentive to play the game’s runner mode.

A slight nuance comes from the introduction of an NFT collection that confers in-game stat boosts to the owner and the ability to upgrade in-game stats with $GFOX tokens. Part of this in-game spend rolls over into the next prize pool. But Galaxy Fox has distinguished itself by creating an ecosystem around its Web3 runner.

Instead of only the top-ranked players earning rewards, in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, all token holders can earn thanks to the deployment of Stargate- the protocol’s staking hub. Buy and sell taxes on the $GFOX token (6%) are split three ways: 2% Stargate, 2% Liquidity Pool, and 2% Treasury. 

This tokenomics aspect is important to the larger function of Galaxy Fox, which eventually aims to be a widely recognized and adopted currency throughout Web3. It is a novel idea to pay stakes with taxation instead of token emissions- all the top ten cryptocurrencies pay stakers with emissions.

Has this system intrigued whales? It certainly offers one possible explanation, given the long-tail effect on supply. No emissions for stakers means no token inflation, and with the majority of tokens live at TGE, early investors don’t have to worry about later dilution. This front-heavy release schedule favors early buyers acquiring $GFOX before launch.

The automated token burn grants the token a deflationary nature, and $GFOX is a great crypto for beginners due to its simplicity. Investors need to identify a trending narrative and find a protocol offering a robust set of tokenomics when looking at which crypto to buy today for long-term gains. Galaxy Fox boasts both these traits, explaining why it is rapidly gaining attention. 

Closing Thoughts: Resurgence of P2E Tokens in 2024? 

Could the 2024/ 2025 bull market see a resurgence of play-to-earn tokens? Following staggering valuations throughout the 2021 bull market, P2E projects got hit hard during the bear market. But as speculative appetite begins to thrive, anticipation for potential returns in the gaming sector shoots up vertically.

No doubt a new set of projects will break into the top ten cryptocurrencies this cycle, and the hierarchy will be disrupted. But the real focus for seasoned investors is finding GameFi small caps ready to print multiples. Join the race today by participating in the Galaxy Fox presale.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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