VeChain (VET) is really ramping up the adoption – here is another demonstration of VET at work

Arket is a company that is part of the big fashion brand H&M which prompted a wave of speculation in the VeChain community about the possible cooperation. ARKET’s first stores opened on Regent Street in London and online on 25 August 2017, followed by stores in Copenhagen, Brussels and Munich. The head office and design studio is located at Maria Skolgata 83 in Stockholm.

Here is another user reporting on the working verification of the product’s origin thanks to the VeChain blockchain app.


Found at the Arket store in London – so cool to see decentralized product traceability and authentication in action!! from Vechain

Not only is the fashion brand testing the VeChain blockchain for its supply management, so does an asian tea producer Fuji Tea as shown on this image:

Fuji Tea on the Blockchain from Vechain


Further proof for this:

Approximate translation of the tweet:

“The company which tracks tea by using Vechain has come. The photograph is a supply chain POC product that tracks Shizuoka’s tea on a block chain. Because it is placed in the Hashhub, please take it to the hand if you are anxious. You can scan with the mobile app.”

Every genuine crypto fan should be happy about this – no matter if you hold VET or not. When it comes to blockchain application for real world problems, every legit project is pulling in the same direction and the yields of that effort will be enjoyed by everyone in the space.

One of the most notable things about VET is a really ardent community, that is enthusiastic and active even in the grim days of bear market. If we know that human resources and support are the most important factor for any project to suceed, the lively community is a good omen for VET future.

We also saw some other projects signing partnerships with VeChain. Besides the usual suspects like Cahrenheit, Esprezzo, Totient, a couple of wallet projects (Arkane, Cobo and Trust) already work on VET blockchain. The VeChain project is seemingly content with building up its ecosystem and finding additional use cases for their technology at the moment. We will see if this is enough to turn VeChain into a leading supply chain management token on the market.

VeChain is one of the slew of asian crypto projects that have amassed a serious support on the West. The project is lead by a competent team that undertook a rebranding and modification of the coin supply, two important and not easy to pull off changes, and passed them both with high marks.

The project initially aimed to be a blockchain focused on supply management but with the rebranding, they didn’t just change the ticker and coin supply, but also pivoted the main idea of the project – they are now basically a dApp platform, a competitor of Ethereum, Eos, NEO etc.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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