VeChain Sees Massive Updates But VET Price Lags: Crypto Analyst Weighs In

While the VeChain (VET) ecosystem has seen a flurry of major updates and integrations in recent weeks, the coin’s price has not reflected that momentum. VET is up a modest 6% in April so far, currently trading around $0.04 with a market cap of roughly $3 billion at press time.

However, the relative stagnation in price has not deterred prominent crypto analyst CryptoBusy from highlighting VeChain’s substantial progress this month. In a tweet today, the popular analyst on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) stated:

“#VeChain gains SOLID momentum this April with massive developments!…#VeBetterDAO continues to reward dApps and communities through earth-saving activities using their X-2-Earn model, a new grant program to support builders. $VET continues to make the global food industry safer through ‘Food Traceability’.”

CryptoBusy’s thread highlighted several key VeChain milestones and updates from April, underscoring the blockchain’s focus on real-world utility and sustainability initiatives. Let’s dive into the details.

UFC Fighter Glove Integration

One of the major developments mentioned was the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) integration of VeChain-powered NFC and blockchain chips into fighter gloves. This innovative use case allows for tamper-proof digital authentication and tracking of the gloves used in UFC bouts.

VeBetterDAO & Web3 Ecosystem Growth

The analyst also praised VeChain’s VeBetterDAO, an initiative incentivizing decentralized applications (dApps) and communities to engage in environmentally-friendly activities through its “X-2-Earn” model. This model rewards users for actions that reduce carbon emissions.

Source: CryptoBusy/X

Additionally, CryptoBusy noted VeChain’s ongoing efforts to support blockchain developers and builders through a new grant program. The growth of VeChain’s Web3 ecosystem was further evidenced by global community meetups and the advancement of the no-code platform Vorj, along with an upgraded VeChain SDK.

Food Traceability & Sustainability

A core pillar of VeChain’s utility, according to the analyst, remains its work in enhancing food traceability and safety across global supply chains. VeChain’s blockchain solutions enable comprehensive tracking and monitoring of food products from farm to store.

Trending Metrics & Asset Tokenization

CryptoBusy cited data from analytics platform LunarCrush and VeChain’s appearance on Twitter’s trending list as indicators of the project’s rising popularity and mainstream visibility.

Moreover, the launch of VeChain’s Digital Asset Tokenization platform MaaS, along with its integration of MotoGP racing team Gresini Racing as its first enterprise user, further exemplified VeChain’s expansion into real-world asset tokenization – a major narrative in crypto currently.

Record VET Wallets

Notably, the analyst also highlighted that VeChain has surpassed 3 million VET wallet holders – a record for the ecosystem and a testament to its growing adoption.

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Potential for Upside?

While CryptoBusy’s analysis painted a largely positive picture of VeChain’s recent accomplishments, the disparity between the project’s development progress and VET’s relatively muted price performance was not lost on the analyst.

The tweet concluded by stating: “These updates are making $VET stronger not only through sustainability but through one of the hottest narratives right now, #RWA.”

The “RWA” or “real-world assets” narrative refers to the growing trend of tokenizing and representing tangible, real-world assets on blockchains – something that VeChain is actively pursuing through initiatives like MaaS.


Despite the raft of positives outlined by CryptoBusy, VET remains well below its all-time high price of around $0.28 set during the previous bull run. At the current price of $0.04, VET would need to increase by over 5.5x to revisit those record levels.

As the crypto markets continue their volatile journey, the divergence between VeChain’s technical progress and VET’s price movement will be one to monitor closely. If the asset can capture value from its rapidly expanding suite of real-world utility and sustainability use cases, then VET could potentially regain upside momentum.

However, external market forces and sector-wide sentiment cycles will likely play a pivotal role in determining whether the coin can capitalize on the “solid momentum” that CryptoBusy and others have highlighted. For VeChain’s community of supporters, the focus remains squarely on empowering the ecosystem’s growth and real-world adoption.

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