Valkyrie Partners With BitGo To Diversify Custody of Spot Bitcoin ETF, Chainlink and Pullix Rally

Valkyrie has taken a strategic step forward by partnering with BitGo to diversify and strengthen the custody of its spot Bitcoin ETF. Meanwhile, two top altcoins, Chainlink and Pullix, have witnessed upward price movements.

Valkyrie Diversified Spot Bitcoin ETF Custody 

Valkyrie has become the first spot Bitcoin ETF issuer to have dual crypto custodians for its fund. This comes after its partnership with BitGo filed with the SEC on February 1st.

Under this partnership, BitGo will handle custody services for Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Fund (BRRR). It will secure storage of a portion of the fund’s Bitcoin holdings within its exchange-traded product. 

This approach enhances the security of Valkyrie’s spot Bitcoin ETF. It would share the custodial risk among multiple crypto custodians, thereby minimizing and increasing the overall safety of the fund. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin price has climbed 5.9% in the past week from a low of $41,001.73 to a high of $43,654.52.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Forecast As It Surges 29%

Michaël van de Poppe, a top figure in the crypto analysis community, has tweeted an optimistic prediction for Chainlink (LINK). According to his analysis, the Chainlink altcoin is on the brink of a major rally. He noted that the value of Chainlink could rise by roughly 90% from its current level. 

In the upcoming months, this would push the token’s price into the $25–$30 region. Remarkably, the Chainlink price chart is starting to reflect the crypto analyst’s prognosis. CoinMarketCap data has revealed a sharply bullish price movement. 

The Chainlink price has surged from a 7-day low of $14.00 to a top of $18.12, per CoinMarketCap. This increase corresponds to gains of 16.9% over the previous two weeks, 29.1% over the previous week, and 16.3% over the previous month.

Pullix (PLX) Soars 25% Into Stage 7

Apart from Chainlink, Pullix (PLX) is also one of the top altcoins that have seen bullish gains in the past. This comes after its price surged from $0.08 to the current price of $0.1 as more investors joined the presale. Interestingly, the reason for the massive influx is that the Pullix exchange will be launching in the next 30 days. 

This exchange is not like your typical exchange platform; it is a hybrid exchange. It merges the best of Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges. As a result, traders get to enjoy high liquidity, top security, fast transactions, reduced fees, and narrow spreads.

Its DeFi coin, PLX, provides investors with greater utility in the interim. It allows them to get a cut of the profits made by the platform. One’s share of Pullix’s daily revenues increases with the number of PLX tokens they possess. Holders of PLX have thereby received a passive income stream. Moreover, holders of PLX are able to access unique resources such as NFTs and stake awards. 

The liquidity provision feature is another great product available on Pullix. The interest rates that are offered to those who contribute to the platform’s liquidity range from 8% to 18%. The fact that these rates are algorithmically determined is a plus. Thus, traders benefit from equal opportunities that are just and equitable. The PLX DeFi coin is presented as a wise investment because to these attributes.

Final Words 

With the crypto market set to witness a massive rally soon, investors are moving to top altcoins like Pullix’s PLX. Its low price and market cap have made it a top choice for investors. 

Meanwhile, Pullix has just two stages left in the presale phase. Therefore, it is wise to get in now that the price is just $0.10 before it skyrockets. Market experts expect the token to rise 100x after the end of the presale, and it is listed on tier 1 exchanges.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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