Unobtanium (UNO) Overview: The coin supply may be low, but interest in it seems to be even lower

Unobtanium’s price took quite a solid hit in the last couple of weeks. Peaking on August 8th at $160.91/0.02477830 BTC, the currency entered a massive downtrend which bottomed out on September 13th. UNO reached the values of $84.45/0.01338740 BTC on this date and has since hovered just above $80/0.013 BTC.

One Unobtanium can currently be purchased for $83.81 USD (-3.13% drop in the last 24 hours)/0.01308479 BTC (-0.37% drop in the last 24 hours). The currency is barely traded, with rather pathetic 5.97 BTC worth of UNO exchanging hands (or bots) during the last day. This link provides a good overview of where the coin is traded the most, showing Cryptopia and Coinexchange as the main merchants trading the currency. With a market cap of $16,298,644, Unobtanium is currently the 228th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

“The platinum to Bitcoin’s gold” has seen some negative price action, as you can see from the previous paragraphs, and the project updates are as rare as the currency itself. With Only 250,000 coins set to be mined over the next 300 years, that’s pretty rare. We previously described UNO’s technical features and attributes which set it apart from other coins on the market in this article here, so check that out to get a full picture of the cryptocurrency. One interesting fact regarding the currency’s technicals is that it can be merge mined with BTC; apparently the miners are taking full advantage if that, as Unobtanium currently has the second highest hash rate on the market, currently sitting behind Bitcoin with a cool 7057.905 PH/s.

Development of the currency has been given to a team who call themselves BadChoicesZ; they released a update to the Unobtanium Core software back in August. They haven’t been posting anything since delivering the mentioned update but they have a couple of donation links for those who wish to support their previous/future efforts.

Interestingly enough, Unobtanium took a sabbatical from Twitter posting around the time their price downtrend was still running strong, with a post from August 21 saying the following:

“How is your favorite #cryptocurrency holding up?

#Unobtanium is doing pretty well. Check out $UNO and compare it YOY to whatever shit you’re holding.”

To say it was doing “pretty well” seems to have been a slight overstatement as the currency fell much lower after that post. Once the drop bottomed out Unobtanium’s Twitter account came back to life, this time reminding the community of their Telegram channel and giving out a link which contains all the project-related software.

Overall it’s been pretty quiet on the Unobtanium front. The currency may be rare, but interest in it seems to be even more elusive; it doesn’t seem likely that this coin will ever evolve past a miners’ treat that’ll get dumped on the market with giusto at the first opportunity.

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