Undervalued diamond: Genesis Vision (GVT) could be breaking out soon

Genesis Vision is an automated platform which offers a transparent system for investment and profit distribution. It is a decentralized network which unites exchanges, brokers, traders and investors under a single, blockchain reinforced roof. The issues with the lack of information and transparency in third party investing are removed thanks to Genesis Vision, as every network participant’s activities and history on the network are clearly visible and easily accessible. This creates an efficient trust management system where every participating member can relax knowing that corrupt and malicious players cannot be a part of it.

With the managed assets markets growing to a market cap of 70 trillion dollars, clearly there is a space for a project like GVT. It has the “trust management” and automation as its calling cards, which should ensure its long term success.

This long term potential has been reflected in its price movement so far. The charts suggest that the coin has held its own pretty well, even when faced with the bearish movements of the Bitcoin-controlled market. With a total supply of only 4.436.644 GVT and a current circulating supply of 3.726.781 GVT, the price has held on nicely, slightly dropping but doing so seemingly slower than Bitcoin and the rest of the market. Just a couple of days ago, a Reddit user named cheseburgerdude commented on GVT’s decline in price by saying:

“To be fair, it would have been smart and wise to sell anywhere in the last ~80 days. Obviously you can’t time the market and always hit the wick, but there was plenty of warning to get out during this downtrend. At this point though, it would probably be an unwise time to sell.”

Many people have apparently been using the previous period to stock up their GVT bags with more coins. And today, on May 31st, that bag stuffing seems to have paid off, as the coin has reacted to a period of sideways motion from Bitcoin by breaking out and rising almost 20% to a price of $14.88 USD. If Bitcoin manages to sustain any sort of sideways/upwards trend, we could see GVT’s continued rise as well.

Bitcoin movement won’t be the only factor driving the price up. The launch of Genesis Markets, a crypto broker (similar to conventional traders except it makes sure that all crypto instruments are accessible within a single brokerage), should be a strong bullish sign for GVT. Genesis Markets would combine depth from the market and also order books from several crypto exchanges, enabling customers to access all available orders on the market. This launch will cause a rise in both the liquidity of the GVT platform and the demand for the GVT token, which is used to pay for investing/using services on the Genesis Vision network. Mr_Mat89 from Reddit says:

“Very, very promising project. It will be interesting to see if Genesis Markets drops with a bang. Hopefully it has all the functionality that traders require and isn’t just being released for the sake of being first to market. As long as the product works as intended I can see this being a huge benefit to the whole crypto market.”

Generally speaking, everything seems to be coming together just in time for the predicted Bitcoin bounce that many people think will happen around the 6th of June. With a constantly updating github and Genesis Markets around the corner, there are quite a few reasons to be bullish about GVT in the next month.

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