Tron (TRX) tightening up their community and being creative about it

An initiative called “Core TRONICS recruitment” has recently been launched by the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun. With the tagline “If you do love blockchain, love TRON, and believe in TRON’s future, come and join us,” the recruitment was announced in a medium post on June 15th and will last 10 days, until June 25th. As it’s usually the case, Justin Sun signal-boosted the announcement via his Twitter account and his post has been greeted with positivity from the Tron community, as it already has around 1000 likes on it.

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The initiative begins with a brag, as always with this project. They speak about Tron having a large number of fans worldwide which was one of the main reasons why the coin reached its current top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies status. 2018 has been a crucial year for the project as it looks to break into the mainstream eye while keeping the development efforts up, and core TRONICS should be an important element of these. The group will be looking to help “develop a healthy ecological environment”, according to the announcement.

Core TRONICS will have many responsibilities on their hands once selected:

  • Translation and dissemination of the latest TRON news into the various prominent and minority global languages
  • Collecting community feedback
  • Dedicating their time and patience to the Tron project
  • Answering questions from new users
  • Providing Tron product experience reports
  • Organizing Tron’s offline meet ups
  • Maintaining community health, ensuring community participation and organizing community activities
  • Using personal experience in the field of technology to support and advise the project
  • Performing various other activities that might help enhance the Tron environment

In order to become a core TRONIC, one user must fulfill an imposing list of requirements. He needs to hold at least 10 thousand TRX and be a “faithful blockchain and Tron believer”. He will need to know his way around the blockchain technology and should be proficient in “minority” languages, with Hindi being cited as an example. Finally, the TRONIC will need to be in charge of a social media group with at least 500 active fans or will need to have experience with creating a group like that.

TRONIC core members will get to cooperate with the Tron team and receive latest news and updates about the project. They will also be invited to Tron offline activities as special guests and will be paid out in TRX “once in a while”. Tron customized gift packages and “medals of honor” will be handed out from time to time as well. Interested individuals can apply for this program by sending the above requirements to by June 25th of 2018, just before the Tron Independence day.

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