Top Trader Predicts $1 per Kaspa ‘is Likely’ – Updates KAS Outlook

Jim, a top cryptocurrency trader known for his bullish calls and market timing, has reiterated his extremely positive outlook on Kaspa (KAS). In recent tweets, Jim stated he believes $1 per KAS “is likely” and that the asset has a high probability of cracking the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization this cycle.

Jim, who goes by @Cryptographur on Twitter, has been vocal for months about Kaspa being his largest cryptocurrency holding by far. This concentrated bet has paid off handsomely, with KAS significantly outperforming Bitcoin and most other major crypto assets.

Despite the already impressive run-up, Jim sees much more upside ahead. When asked about potential price targets, he stated:

“50 cents is very conservative, $1 is likely, $5 (ADA’s all-time high market cap) is possible, and $10 ($200B market cap) is if the FED prints a ton of money and the total crypto market cap is wayyyy higher.”

Importantly, Jim’s bullish outlook is rooted in his belief that Kaspa has superior fundamentals and real-world utility compared to other cryptocurrencies. He believes its focus on scalability, security, and decentralization gives it a leg up on both older networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as newer layer 1 competitors.

Jim does not have a particular price or timeframe in mind for hitting his targets. Rather, he pays close attention to overall market conditions and sentiment. He is watching for topping signals in Bitcoin as a potential indication to begin prudently locking in some KAS profits if his thesis plays out.

Of course, all investing carries risk, especially in volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. As Jim wisely points out, it’s critical to not overextend and risk more than you can afford to lose. But for traders willing to stomach the ups and downs, his analysis presents a compelling case to research Kaspa further. If even a fraction of his bullish vision materializes, early KAS adopters could be handsomely rewarded.

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Julian Joseph Lehmann