Top Expert Explains How Kaspa Is Superior to Bitcoin as KAS Achieves the ‘Impossible’

Captain Sats, a top cryptocurrency analyst, published an insightful thread via a tweet post elucidating how the Kaspa(KAS) cryptocurrency has accomplished benchmarks long deemed impossible for proof-of-work networks. Consequently, Kaspa has emerged as superior to even Bitcoin in manifold aspects.

Specifically, Sats delineates how Kaspa has achieved over 1,000 transactions per second (TPS), 0.1-second block times, instant transaction confirmations, and near-instant finality. Significantly, Kaspa has accomplished this while being even more secure than Bitcoin since, divergently from Bitcoin, Kaspa does not discard orphan blocks.

Additionally, Kaspa’s rapid 10-second block rate engenders greater decentralization than Bitcoin by enabling more viable solo mining and mitigating dependence on pooled mining. Hence, Kaspa performs akin to a swift centralized proof-of-stake network, yet with the robust security of proof-of-work and sans the need for sharding, multiple chains, 0-confirmation transactions, or other compromises.

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Moreover, Kaspa’s innovative DAGKnight protocol is responsive. It dynamically self-adjusts block speed based on real-time network conditions. Sats elucidates this essentially future-proofs Kaspa. This means improving network conditions will automatically increase Kaspa’s speed. Meanwhile, worsening conditions triggers it to adapt to maintain security.

Sats contends that the average cryptocurrency enthusiast needs to appreciate Kaspa’s trailblazing innovations. While some critique Kaspa’s current lack of smart contracts, Sats counters that these capabilities will inevitably emerge and further benefit from Kaspa’s unparalleled consensus foundation.

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