Top Altcoins for Future Gains: Litecoin $LTC, Borroe.Finance, and EOS

The battle for number one among top altcoins is heating up. Litecoin ($LTC) is posing a strong challenge thanks to its skyrocketing payment usage. EOS is also expected to rise due to the launch of its dApp incubator in August. Yet, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) has grabbed the attention of most investors thanks to its uniqueness and quick growth. 

Now, analysts say $ROE can become a top ICO. Is that likely in today’s bear market?


Litecoin ($LTC) Payments Skyrocket After Halving Event

Litecoin’s ($LTC) payment usage has skyrocketed in the past quarter. On August 24, 2023, Litecoin announced that it had processed its 175 millionth transaction. Furthermore, Litecoin revealed that it had processed 46 million transactions in 2023 alone. For comparison, a year earlier, Litecoin had processed only 39 million transactions.

Despite Litecoin’s rising usage, $LTC has hovered in the $60 range following the early September market crash. $LTC was trading at $63.01 on September 1 after the market slump. By September 24, $LTC closed at $63.59, growing slightly by 0.9%.

Litecoin’s payment usage remains on the rise despite the recent halving event. On August 2, Litecoin completed its halving event, cutting block mining rewards down to 6.25 $LTC. Yet, BitPay revealed that its Litecoin usage surged by 50% by August 28. 

Analysts say Litecoin’s ($LTC) high usage could lead to a rally once the market exits its current bearishness. This means $LTC could rise by 18.9% to $75.63 when the market enters a bullish turn.

Borroe.Finance: Empowering Web 3.0 Businesses with Instant Cash

Borroe.Finance ($ROE) is a blockchain platform that empowers Web 3.0 businesses with efficient access to instant cash. It uses Artificial Intelligence combined with blockchain technology to provide a lending marketplace. Moreover, Borroe.Finance uses community lending to ensure its marketplace offers high liquidity, speedy loan approvals, and low costs.

Taking loans on Borroe.Finance requires selling future and outstanding invoices as collateral. Once collateralized, these invoices are auctioned off at discounted prices. Borroe.Finance allows loan-seekers to choose the size of discounts they want to add to their invoice offers. 

Furthermore, users can easily add attractive incentives like access to private events.

The loan-qualification process involves getting an AI-generated credit score, which shows how many loans a user can take. By automating this process, Borroe.Finance can approve loan requests within one hour or less.

Members of Borroe.Finance enjoy specialized discounts on marketplace expenses. To join the platform, users must purchase the $ROE token available on Polygon. 

After rising by 50% from its original price, $ROE now costs $0.0150 in Stage 2 of its presale. By Stage 3, $ROE would rise by 33.3% to $0.0200. Experts agree that $ROE’s market projections make it one of the best DeFi coins to invest in.


$EOS Drops Despite Active August

EOS had a very active month of August. On August 16, it launched an ecosystem incubator for decentralized apps called EOS Labs. The platform would allow developers to test their decentralized apps in collaboration with other developers and the EOS network foundation. The network also launched its Leap 5.0 upgrade.

Despite having a busy August, $EOS dropped sharply due to the subsequent market crashes on August 17 and September 1. EOS was trading at $0.74 on August 1. The market crash of August 17 pushed EOS down by 22.9% to $0.57. By September 1, bearish conditions were high, so $EOS only recovered slightly by 1.7% to $0.580.

Despite its history, EOS’s popularity is quite low. On a more positive note, some of these upgrades aim to make the network more favorable to developers. With higher uses by software developers, the EOS network demand will rise, thus enabling $EOS to rise by 6.8% to $0.62.

Learn more about Borroe.Finance ($ROE) here:

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