Top altcoin investments of 2024: InQubeta, Immutable X, and Polygon

Analysts are excited about 2024 and what it can usher in for the cryptocurrencies. They suggest that markets will clock multiple rallies due to factors like the surge in DeFi innovation and the excitement around crypto ETFs. 

They have already prepared a list of the best cryptos that can explode in the New Year. The list features established tokens like Immutable X (IMX) and Polygon (MATIC) as well as new ones like InQubeta (QUBE).

InQubeta is a decentralized platform for artificial intelligence-based startups that need funds. It connects them with eager investors through its NFT marketplace. Its presale stages saw success from the first stage and it is being hailed as one of the best new ICOs. Its presale funding currently stands at $6.9 million.

InQubeta: Making AI tokens self-reliant

InQubeta is a unique crowdfunding solution for AI startups that is powered by blockchain technology. It helps startups continue with their growth journey uninterrupted and fuels the AI revolution. The built-in cryptocurrency of the InQubeta network is known as the QUBE token. 

Apart from being used for settling payments, the QUBE token can be staked to earn rewards. The staked tokens support the platform’s development and boost the token value. In exchange, their owners are given cryptocurrencies.

To implement important changes, the platform leverages a decentralized governance system. Under this system, a token holder can suggest protocol changes, but it is implemented only if it’s approved by other holders. Any such suggestion is discussed and then put to a vote. 

The top altcoin sports a deflationary model that regulates the asset’s supply to keep the price stable. The feature comes in handy when a portfolio risks being impacted by inflation or market disturbances. A deflationary cryptocurrency’s supply is always kept lower than the demanded quantity. The difference boosts the price and keeps it from fluctuating. 

If the supply does spike, it’s fixed by burning the extra QUBE tokens in circulation. This is also what’s done when tax proceeds are high. To control supply inflation, a chunk of the tax proceeds are burned in every transaction. InQubeta levies a nominal tax on the sale and purchase of its tokens.

An important reason why InQubeta has received attention globally is how easy it is to use it. The platform has created an NFT marketplace where tokenized startup offers are sold to investors. 

Submitting a rewards-based offer is the only formality that startups have to complete to connect with startups. This is unlike regular fundraising options, where startups have to go through paperwork and schedule meetings. 

For investors, the online marketplace gives them a chance to compare offers and then buy them. These NFTs represent the rewards that investors are eligible for if they back a startup’s project. These NFTs can be fractionalized, which makes them convenient for investors with a budget.

Polygon Labs switches focus to CDK from Edge

Counted among the best cryptos, Polygon is a treasure trove of Ethereum-based scaling solutions. It uses zero-knowledge technology and helps developers create customized Web 3.0 solutions like side chains, rollups, and decentralized identities. It uses the MATIC token for settling transactions.

The platform recently announced that it would discontinue inviting contributions for its Edge framework to prioritize working on its Chain Development Kit. The CDK is a toolkit designed for deploying Layer 2 zK-rollups. 

Players can now avoid paying gas fees on ImmutableX. Here’s how

ImmutableX is a leading platform that provides tools to build Web 3.0 solutions. Using the platform, developers can create solutions at unrivaled speed and are scalable. Its native cryptocurrency is IMX.

The platform hit the headlines recently after it announced that it will allow game developers to find sponsors willing to pay the gas fees so that their players don’t have to. The facility will be available only for players on the Immutable zkEVM, which is a scaling network.


InQubeta, ImmutableX, and Polygon are among the crypto tokens that analysts say can take your crypto gains to the next level. They are top cryptos to invest in as they have soldiered through the market’s ups and downs without letting them impact their prices.

These three coins include many diverse features, such as decentralized governance, a robust security mechanism, and deflationary economics. Their models are utility-centric, which boosts their growth potential.

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