Too big to fail: Ten Renowned Investors That Invested in Ripple Development. XRP main source of funding for the future

Who invested in Ripple Labs? An overview of the investors in the company, which the Bitcoin community often associates with the XRP token.

Since its founding in 2012, US-based FinTech has been working to expand the Ripple network and introduce the XRP crypto currency. But anyone who thinks that Ripple has financed itself solely from the sale of XRP is mistaken.

Diverse donors and patrons

The group of donors includes globally recognised venture capital companies and strategic investors. These include Accenture, Andreessen Horowitz, CME Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, Google Ventures, Santander InnoVentures, SBI Group, SCB Digital Ventures, Seagate and Standart Chartered.

Accenture is a management consulting, technology and outsourcing service provider that, together with six other partners, invested approximately $55 million in Ripple Labs in September 2016.

Andreessen Horowitz
Andreessen Horowitz is an American venture capital firm based in California. Founded in 2009, the company invested approximately $2.5 million in Ripple in 2013 together with FF Angel LLC, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, Vast Ventures and the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund.

CME Ventures
CME Ventures invests in companies that want to provide new products and services in the financial ecosystem of the future. Together with Accenture and other partners, a total of $55 million was raised in September 2016.

Core Innovation Capital
Core is an American venture capitalist for start-ups. According to the website, the company invests in companies that offer efficient and well-designed financial products. In November 2013, 3.5 million US dollars flowed into the company. In May 2015, Core Innovation Capital invested USD 28 million with Seagate and ten other companies.

Google Ventures
Google Ventures is a venture capital investment arm of Alphabet Inc. The company operates independently of Google and makes financial investment decisions. It invested approximately $3 million in May 2013 with IDG Capital Partners.

Santander InnoVentures
The Santander Bank fund is based in London and has a global reach. It is based on collaboration and partnership with start-up companies. In October 2015, Santander InnoVentures invested a total of four million US dollars in Ripple. Santander also participated in the $55 million deal in September 2016.

SBI Group
The SBI Group is a financial services provider based in Tokyo. The SBI Group has three core businesses: Financial Services, Asset Management and Biotechnology Related Business. SBI participated in the $55 million deal in September 2016.

SCB Digital Ventures
The venture capital fund of Digital Ventures, is a US$100 million fund established by Siam Commercial Bank in 2016. In September 2016, the fund invested in Ripple Labs.

Seagate, originally known as a hard drive manufacturer, invested in the start-up Ripple Labs in May 2015 and September 2016.

Standard Chartered
Standart Chartered is a UK-based financial firm headquartered in London and was also involved in the US$55 million deal in September 2016.


Over the past few years, Ripple has collected a total of 96 million US dollars to build its own infrastructure and the Ripple network. Recent reports of partnerships and cooperations give rise to the suspicion that some of the above-mentioned investors did not invest altruistically in FinTech from the East Coast.

In the future, Ripple says it wants to finance itself by selling XRP tokens. A current application case in international payment transactions, in which the own currency XRP plays an important role, is however not known. An increase in value is therefore to be expected for the time being only on speculation in future benefits.

Ripple itself looks its future accordingly positively. CEO Brad Garlinghouse is of the opinion that at least one hundred partner banks will use the crypto currency XRP by the end of 2019. So far, however, it has not been clarified whether the XRP token is a security and how to proceed with the strong centralization of XRP in the future. However, investors, speculators and financiers seemed to be less bothered by these facts and invested heavily in building Ripple.

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