TON and Dogecoin Investors Are Switching To Rollblock (RBLK) As $40M DOGE Sent To Exchanges

Dogecoin and TON’s disillusioned investors are making a splash, but not where you might expect. Whispers of a new hotshot coin have had these investors divert their million-dollar crypto investment to the new altcoin, Rollblock. Still in its third presale stage, Rollblock has blown expectations with a skyrocketing demand that raked in over $1M and over 110 million tokens sold in weeks. Its goal to reinvent entertainment with its GambleFi revolution has attracted over 5,000 loyalists, including TON and DOGE backers. Here’s why.

Toncoin Finds New Strength. Is that Enough For a Recovery?

The crypto market saw a disappointing tumbling; only a few crypto assets could stay aloof from the drama. Although Toncoin was not left out, it clawed its way back with an impressive 5% to $7.23. This surge was no fluke! Trading volume soared by 26%, and network activity and daily transactions also soared. 

However, analysts’ prediction of a looming resistance at $8 has made investors wary. Smart investors are already diversifying their crypto investment to more promising options with Rollblock, whose presale is forecasted to go 1,000x at launch.

Dogecoin Price Back to Square One. Shed Over 50% of Q2 Gains

It’s different news for Dogecoin as panic grips the Doge Army after a whale dumped over $40M worth of DOGE on exchanges. The transfer and the current bear carnage have left Dogecoin price tumbling over 16% and wiping out almost all its second-quarter gains.

The sell-off triggered a domino effect. Investors are jumping ship to high-potential crypto investment alternatives. Although on-chain analyst Mike believes DOGE can still stage a comeback and break ATH, the meme king is losing investors’ confidence faster than usual. Currently, Dogecoin price is at $0.108, with over 25.8% drop in 30 days.

Beyond DOGE and TON: Why Million Dollar Rollblock is the Next Biggest Crypto Investment and GambleFi Revolution

Dogecoin price drop and Toncoin’s faltering performance hint at the harsh reality that market sentiment always shifts to evergreen havens. The end of a road is the beginning of another in crypto space. Many investors enchanted by DOGE and TON’s historical strides are now setting their sights on another evergreen haven with Rollblock’s revolutionary iGaming and GambleFi protocol.

Innovation-wise, the global gambling industry remains largely unexplored. Traditional casinos are losing their heat due to their inability to adapt to new trends and lingering concerns. However, Rollblock is bringing this new age of digital entertainment and decentralized iGaming to everyone’s fingertips with its GambleFi protocol.

At its core, Rollblock incorporates cutting-edge blockchain solutions to level the playing field and ensure every bet is permanently recorded. This creates an irrefutable ledger that ensures fair play and fosters player trust. Furthermore, Rollblock prioritizes ease of use. Its blockchain architecture eliminates tedious KYC checks and user data insecurity. It’s straight up a hassle-free, seamless signup from now.

At the center of this revolution is brilliant tokenomics tailored for success. Its native token, RBLK, unlocks many benefits, including casino rewards and lucrative staking opportunities. This also includes a groundbreaking profit-sharing model, allocating 30% of its revenue to buy back $RBLK tokens. This ingenious strategy incentivizes long-term investment, fostering a community invested in Rollblock’s success.

Rollblock presale is a crypto investment opportunity that is not to be missed! And the numbers don’t lie! Rollblock has amassed over 5,000 holders and accrued over $1M raise within its first three stages. 75% of the allocated Stage 3 presale supply has been sold out, and demand has shot up meteorically. With $RBLK currently at an attractively low price of $0.0154 in the ongoing stage three presale, this is a prime opportunity to acquire a stake in a potential industry leader. 

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!


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