Today was a day of many wins for Cardano (ADA)

After the political turmoil within the Cardano governance body that culminated in resignation by the Cardano Foundation CEO, Michael Parsons, Cardano is back on the horse again. This Tuesday was packed with excellent news for ADA holders.

Smart contracts language for Cardano blockchain

Ethereum has Solidity, Cardano now has Plutus platform, a smart contracts language for the Cardano blockchain. You can try out Plutus online, with no need to download or install anything, via Plutus Playground. Plutus Platform is open source and Haskell based language aiming to be the tool used for building fintech geared dApps. You can find code, documentation, and sources here. It has been developed by a crack team of researchers and developers, led by Manuel Chakravarty – language architect at IOHK and who is well known to the Haskell community – and myself.

It allows developers to write a single source, in Haskell, from which is generated both on-chain and off-chain code and itwill execute in the next generation of Cardano.

Marlowe for non-coders

In a press release, Marlowe was described as an “easy-to-use tool” for non-coders to build financial smart contracts, without having to understand the complexities of programming. 

“We’re really excited to release testbeds of Plutus and Marlowe so developers, finance professionals and academics can test how they can use smart contracts on Cardano,” said CEO Charles Hoskinson. “Both technologies are a major step forward for the blockchain industry.”

These powerful tools will enable start-ups, the financial services and fintech industries, and academia to prepare blockchain contracts that will run on Cardano.

SEC will eliminate EOS?

Competition among dApp platforms is fierce and it would come in handy for Cardano if some of the competitors got eradicated by some external forces. Prime candidate for such eviction, according to the public face of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, would be EOS. Launched by, EOS is a constantly disputed blockchain plagued with centralization issues, hacks and opaque handling of matters. According to Cryptobriefing, Hoskinson said:

Previous SEC actions were aimed at the “low hanging fruit,” Hoskinson said. He believes that they provide easy examples of case law, that act as precedent if regulators crackdown on EOS and Block.One. This will speed up the process and hopefully minimize lengthy court action. Hoskinson added that EOS’ creators won’t go down without a fight, and money raised from the crowd sale might even go towards funding the court action.”

Cardano crypto card

EMURGO, the company which is one of the engines behind the Cardano project, introduced much hyped Cardano (ADA) crypto card in Seoul, South Korea.

The card came to life thanks to EMURGO and Metaps+ partnership that will see South Korea residents be able to use their ADA at more than 33,000 retailers, marking a huge step in the adoption of Cardano.

The news was shared on EMURGO official Youtube channel on December 10, 2018, and the community burst with joy upon receiving the news.


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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

Sarah Wurfel works as a social media editor for CaptainAltcoin and specializes in the production of videos and video reports. She studied media and communication informatics. Sarah has been a big fan of the revolutionary potential of crypto currencies for years and accordingly also concentrated on the areas of IT security and cryptography in her studies.

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