$TIA and $BONK Soar Double Digits as $GFOX Smashes $2.5 Million

As markets continue to show volatility, $TIA, and $BONK have made headlines by soaring by double digits, sending ripples across the crypto market. Meanwhile, the spotlight is firmly fixed on $GFOX, the best cryptocurrency to buy now which has surpassed expectations by smashing the impressive $2.5 million milestone.


The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

$GFOX has recently surpassed $2.5 million in its presale, causing a frenzy of excitement among crypto investors, with analysts naming it the best cryptocurrency to buy now. At the time of writing, the $GFOX presale has raised over $2.6 million. Tokens are now trading at $0.001749, making it one of the best cheap cryptos to buy.

With the presale growing so fast, investors are keen on adding $GFOX to their portfolios, because of the monetary benefits involved. $GFOX has its presale set up to reward early investors. Those who got in the early stages will reap a whopping 450% return on their investments. But, if you missed this wave, you can still make a considerable return by buying into the presale now.

However, $GFOX’s growth is not limited to the presale, according to predictions made by popular crypto analysts, $GFOX is ready to be a 100X coin, surprising the likes of $SHIB and $PEPE to become one of the best meme coins to buy.

$GFOX also has an array of utility-focused features that further enhance its appeal as the best cryptocurrency to buy now. For example, the platform has an exciting Web 3 runner game that keeps avid gamers engaged while also rewarding them with monetary incentives. Players compete for the top positions on the leaderboard, and if they make it, they are rewarded with in-game currencies that they can exchange for $GFOX tokens.

Additionally, the platform is set to launch a collection of 3,000 NFTs each inspired by the different characters of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. A collection of physical merchandise will also be available from the project’s website. Allowing investors to have a piece of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem in their day-to-day lives.

While $GFOX has been making waves with its fast growing presale, other coins like $BONK and $TIA have seen significant gains in the past week.


$BONK And $TIA Rise By Double Digits

$BONK was the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. The coin rose from its humble beginnings and shot straight at the moon. Yearly charts on CoinMarketCap show an impressive growth of a whopping 972%.

The growth of $BONK was so significant that it not only led to an intensified interest in the Solana blockchain but also led to a resurgence in the sales of the Solana mobile phone Saga. Saga owners receive a free airdrop of $BONK tokens, and after the growth of $BONK, the price of the airdrop surpassed that of the phone, leading to Saga mobile selling for over $5,000 on sites like eBay.

However, despite this impressive growth $BONK’s price dropped slightly towards the new year as the bears temporarily took control of the crypto market. That being said, $BONK is now back in the hands of bulls, with the charts showing a 43% increase month to month, and a 7-day increase of 20%.

Likewise, $TIA has seen a 30-day increase of 58% and a weekly increase of 15%. After a slight correction to the $12 level, $TIA resumed its upward trend, reaching its all-time high of $17.29 on January 5. At the time of writing, $TIA is trading at $15, a price that is expected to rise, especially with upcoming airdrops from partners like Dimension and Milky Way Zone in the near future.

In 2024, $TIA is expected to trade at an average price of $18, although there is a likelihood that it could shoot up to $22, making it one of the altcoins to watch in 2024.


Final Word

With the approval of bitcoin ETFs on the threshold, the crypto market seems to be on an upward trend with coins like $TIA and $BONK shooting up significantly. That being said, investors still have their eyes on $GFOX, the presale star that is making waves as the best cryptocurrency to buy now due to its low market cap and presale status, offering the highest return potential amongst these three coins.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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