Three things that are eagerly anticipated in the EOS community: EVA, BancorX and REX

Design controversy aside, EOS blockchain is doing fine. Actually, more than fine as they are dominating all other blockchains in terms of number of operations/activity. That is of course the good side of their dPos consensus mechanism that enables high efficiency and capacity output.

The blockchain is currently dominated by gaming and gambling dApps like EOS Knights, FarmEOS and BetDice. However, the community is excited about the up and coming dApps like EVA, exchange from Bancor – BancorX and a system improvement proposal by Dan Larimer called REX.

What you'll learn 👉

Eva – a decentralized Uber

Eva is an Uber on Eos blockchain.

It offers a decentralized ride-sharing platform between driver and passenger members to promote a real sharing economy ecosystem. The core of the project is its decentralized network, which uses the EOS blockchain technology in order to organize urban mobility on a global scale while ensuring a redistribution of the profits generated at the local scale. The team is based in the cities of Montreal. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have long been projected to become the basis of a new sharing economy. Ride-sharing is just one application in this category: energy distribution and AirBnB-style home rentals are two other types of sharing that the blockchain is facilitating.


BancorX will allow users to buy and sell EOS tokens directly on the blockchain; with no deposits, no central servers storing your tokens, and no need to match buyers and sellers. The Bancor Protocol facilitates smart contracts which provide instant liquidity to all EOS tokens on the network. Since Bancor does not hold user funds, users will still be subject to receiving all EOS airdrops.

The fact that they don’t have any listing fees is a huge plus for tokens who can’t afford the $10–15m listing fees of the big exchanges, where liquidity isn’t even guaranteed and they definitely have a nice selection!


REX is a sytem contract proposal by Dan, about a resources exchange, based on the bancor algorithm.

REX is a bucket that collects all EOSIO resource fees including RAM sales, fees, and name auctions. The mechanics of REX are actually pretty simple; to receive network rewards a token holder has to lend their EOS to REX, in exchange for REX tokens (T-Rex), at a 1:1 ratio. These tokens are non-transferable, there will be no market for them, they are simply an “accounting artifact” that can only be exchanged between REX and an account holder. This proposal could be a saviour for EOS colussion issues where cartels can vote and run the blockchain as they wish.


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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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