Three Cryptos That Could Make You A Millionaire In 2024

Anticipation surrounding the upcoming bull market has increased to an all-time high. Experts believe that major cryptocurrencies could see massive growth, and many upcoming altcoins could make a new generation of crypto millionaires. Three projects in the spotlight are, Sei, and Rollblock. Market trends have created a bullish sentiment around these projects, and experts believe they could be three of the best-performing projects this summer. Crashes Despite Nvidia Earnings Report

Experts believed that would surge following Nvidia’s earnings report. The report itself was extremely positive, though’s price has decreased. 

Over the past 24 hours,’s price has fallen by 7.16%, making it one of the market’s worst performing projects. is now trading at $2.29 and experts believe it could fall to $2.20. has also seen a 29% decrease in its daily trading volume, suggesting that investors are choosing other altcoins. That said, given the current growth rate of the AI market, analysts believe that could still be one of the best-performing projects of the year, despite its current bearish performance.  

Sei Blockchain Upgrade Triggers A 10% Surge

The Sei Foundation recently unveiled plans to upgrade the Sei blockchain. This announcement triggered a 10% rally in the price of Sei’s token. 

The upgrade will introduce a parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This will help to enhance Sei’s network speed and compatibility with Ethereum contracts. 

Once the new Sei upgrade is implemented Sei Labs will offer transaction speeds below one second, creating a better user experience to speed up Sei adoption. 

Rollblock: The New Altcoin With Meme Coin Potential 

Rollblock is poised to become one of the best-performing crypto projects of 2024. This innovative GambleFi protocol has already seen returns of 20%, and experts believe it could reach returns of 720% before its presale ends. 

Rollblock is designed to disrupt the $450 billion gambling market. It introduces a DeFi casino powered by blockchain technology, offering greater scalability and security than current options. Using Rollblock’s casino, individuals can play over 150 games from over 10 gaming providers. Players can use over 20 cryptocurrencies to play, making the platform easy to access and use. Furthermore, Rollblock plans to add sports betting, further increasing opportunities for users. 

One opportunity that’s caught investor attention is Rollblock’s revenue share plan. Under this plan, Rollblock will share up to 30% of its daily revenue with $RBLK token holders. To achieve this, Rollblock will use revenue to buy back $RBLK tokens from the open market. 

Half of the purchased tokens will be used for staking rewards, and the other half will be burned. Over time, this will increase $RBLK scarcity, increasing the price of tokens held by bullish long-term investors. 

To get involved in this highly lucrative project, investors can buy $RBLK for just $0.012. Tokens are selling out extremely fast during stage two of the presale, so investors need to act soon to buy Rollblock before it experiences another price increase. 

Could Rollblock Create New Millionaires?

Rollblock is expected to offer massive returns for early adopters, but 720% is just the start. Once its presale has ended, experts believe that Rollblock could see an additional 50x rally, and as a result, bullish early adopters could see their portfolios grow to seven figures by the end of the year. 

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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