Three critical reasons why TORG price will easily quadruple

Are you looking for the next big thing in crypto? Do you love meme culture and want to support coins based on it? TORG is the latest meme coin to make ripples across the Web, but apart from massive returns, it also promises to make the world a better place. Let’s find out why the crypto scene is buzzing about it and why every investor wants to get their hands on TORG. 

TORG is a new entry in the world of meme coins, only this time, it has the potential to make a measurable difference and put futuristic technology in the service of humankind. Launched in July 2021, TORG is defined as the world’s first Utilimeme and, in just three months, it already stands out as one of the most promising crypto initiatives to form on the Ethereum platform. 

But what is a Utilimeme? You might ask.

The term was coined by the TORG Foundation, and, in simple terms, it’s a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that doesn’t just want to capitalize on the popularity of memes and serves a bigger purpose than that of being traded on crypto exchanges. TORG was founded on the principles of sustainability, human development, transparent management, and real utility.

TORG is secure and decentralized and aims to drive economic change and human development. The Foundation plans to expand the utilities of this new coin whilst advocating for the evolution of the Blockchain and crypto economy. The Foundation’s Grant Program aims to utilize the benefits of cryptocurrency, especially for the youth and marginalized population such as unbanked citizens and people from economically disadvantaged areas.

Although it has just been launched, TORG is already listed on some of the biggest global exchanges, and investors’ interest in it is growing. Things are looking bright for the utilimeme and, based on its current performance, we can expect the TORG price to easily quadruple.

The launch of TORG has been incredibly successful.

Since TORG went live on crypto exchanges in July, it managed to gain momentum quite quickly. The utilimeme can now be found on twelve major crypto exchanges such as Bitmart, Digifinex, HotBit, Whitebit, and more are being added to the list. Metamask, Trustwallet, and Coinbase are just a few of the wallets that support TORG, but the coin is compatible with any wallet that supports Polygon, Solana, xDai, or ERC20 networks. Different pairs of TORG have been formed on centralized exchanges, including TORG/USDT, TORG/BTC, and TORG/ETH.

What’s more, the crypto community has been very enthusiastic about the launch of TORG. The new coin immediately piqued the interest of casual traders and beginner investors alike, and the company forecasts that the success of TORG will encourage the launch of other utilimemes in the near future. This would make TORG the starting point for a vast network of utilimemes supporting each other. Investors are already showing interest in TORG, which will definitely boost its worldwide adoption. 

Users who hold TORGs seem keen to hold despite having the choice to sell or convert.

Another reason why the price of TORG is expected to skyrocket is that users seem to be quite confident in it and hold it rather than sell or convert. Of course, this decision is not surprising, considering that TORG has a unique value proposition. TORG is 100% decentralized, and the TORG Foundation aims to maintain the long-term sustainability of this coin by making it a popular payment method. TORG is one of the most ambitious coins to come out in recent years, and, unlike other meme coins, which are often as long-lasting as the memes themselves, it was conceived at a higher level and aims to drive economic change. It’s definitely a unique mission statement for a meme-inspired coin, and it has definitely convinced users to hold on to it, which is bound to increase its price. 

TORG has a unique mission

In order to understand the game-changing role of TORG in the crypto sphere, first, we must look at its predecessors: meme coins. The term “meme coin” appeared in 2013, along with the launch of Dogecoin – a cryptocurrency based on the popular doge meme, which only wanted to poke fun at Bitcoin and be “the people’s cryptocurrency.” No one expected Dogecoin to last, but it did. The hype did not die off, and, to this day, Dogecoin is still around.

The early users who held on to their investments are now millionaires, and doge won’t be going away anytime soon, considering that influential figures like Elon Musk have shown their public support for it. However, DOGE, like all other meme coins, has one major downfall: it was created as a joke, and it doesn’t have any real utility beyond the exchanges it is traded on. Despite the hype, DOGE was only accepted by 1,300 businesses as a valid payment method, which is a small number for a coin that’s been around for eight years. Dogecoin is emotion-driven, and it’s fueled by social media buzz. Brands love tweeting about it but, most of the time, they only do so to leverage the trending topic and attract young consumers, not because they have real plans to use the currency in any way.  

This is where TORG comes in. Unlike other meme coins, TORG is not a parody. TORG is the world’s first utilimeme, combining the power of meme popularity with sustainability that comes with a focus on global utility. TORG’s mission is to empower communities by increasing economic activity, creating new opportunities, and developing a system of secure and reliable payments. For example, a person who works abroad could send TORG to their unbanked relatives in their home country. With widespread adoption, TORG could have even more uses, allowing for effortless, instant transactions. It could fuel human development and drive real, global utility. TORG has adopted a strategic and ambitious new direction. Focusing on sustainability and usability, two aspects that other meme coins have neglected by design, TORG pioneers a shift to value-focused cryptocurrencies. TORG’s listing on UNISWAP and 12 centralized exchanges was just the first step. Based on the enthusiastic response from the crypto community, TORG is on track to achieve great things, and its price will easily increase.

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