This Whale Made $2 Million with PEPE: Which Coins Did They Also Invest In?

Crypto whales are the titans of the cryptocurrency ocean, holding vast amounts of digital assets. These individuals or entities wield significant influence over the market, with their transactions capable of causing ripples or even tidal waves in prices and trading volumes.

Their strategies and movements are closely watched by traders worldwide, as they can provide valuable insights into market trends and potential investment opportunities. Crypto analyst Dami-Defi has shared details of a crypto whale and its activities. Let’s dig deeper into its actions.

The PEPE Phenomenon

The crypto whale in question has made a staggering profit of almost $2 million on PEPE, a coin that has been causing ripples in the crypto community.

The whale’s journey with PEPE began on April 21-22, when they bought $179,000 worth of the token. Over the next week, they cashed out a whopping $1,865,450. The whale continued this buying and selling pattern over the following months, resulting in a total profit of $1,721,128.

The whale’s other notable picks

But the whale’s appetite didn’t stop at PEPE. They also ventured into other tokens, albeit with varying degrees of success. The whale invested $338,990 in BITCOIN (HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu), but only managed to cash out $142,776, resulting in a loss of $196,214.

Their investment in RLB also resulted in a loss, with a purchase of $219,863 and a sale of $163,639, leading to a negative profit of $56,224.However, their investment in HAMS proved more fruitful. After buying $59,050 worth of the token, they cashed out $108,998, making a profit of $49,948.

The whale’s latest catch is UNIBOT, with a holding of 1,850 UNIBOT, valued at $264,514. This investment has already yielded a profit of $49,196.

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