This Week in Crypto: Metis Testing, MultiversX Upgrade, Paxos on Solana and InQubeta Presale


  • InQubeta’s presale surges as its next stage looms.
  • Metis and MultiversX draw attention as developments on their networks cause price increases.
  • Paxos expands to the Solana network, enhancing availability.

Volatility in the crypto market continues following the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF. The past week has been incredibly exciting, with significant fluctuation in both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrencies in. As traders speculate on an Ethereum (ETH) ETF, top projects on the blockchain are making their presence known with impressive developments.

Meanwhile, MetisDAO (METIS) has launched community testing for its proof-of-stake sequencer pool, and the MultiversX (EGLD) upgrade has been completed. Additionally, the stablecoin Paxos (USDP) has diversified into the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Amid these events, the upcoming ICO of InQubeta (QUBE), continues its rally with a thriving presale journey. The altcoin’s allure is in its affiliation with the artificial intelligence industry, paving the way for tech startups to crowdfund.

This article explores these top cryptocurrencies attracting investor attention amid Bitcoin’s hold on the market.

InQubeta (QUBE): A Thrilling Path Ahead

InQubeta remains a top option for immense growth as investors flock to its presale. The blockchain ICO is in the seventh stage of its presale journey, selling at $0.0224 per token. The project has sold over 731 million tokens and raised nearly $8.5 million. Less than 15% remains for the current stage, after which the DeFi coin price of the QUBE tokens will rise by about 14% to $0.0255.

This project offers utility in AI tech startups, which investors can buy, sell, or trade on a peer-to-peer marketplace. These utilities are minted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fractionated, enabling investors to purchase them without requiring colossal capital. With this model, InQubeta allows diversification of investments across different companies, ensuring multiple income streams. 

Its impressive features attract investors who have been flocking to InQubeta’s presale. A staking protocol funded by a 5% buy tax offers passive returns to investors who stake their tokens. Investors also get governance rights to propose and vote on decisions within the platform. Its proposed launch price of $0.0308 is a 340% increase from its initial cost, making it a top investment option on the decentralized cryptocurrency list.

MetisDAO (METIS): Empowering NextGen dApps

MetisDAO is a decentralized network that has witnessed a significant price surge as it makes substantial moves on the blockchain. It recently launched its community testing program, inviting investors to test the Metis proof-of-stake sequencer pool. Within this METIS protocol, features like enhanced security, 24/7 activity, and fee sharing can be accessed while users test supported dApps like Hummus Exchange, Tethys Finance, Midas Games, and Netswap.

METIS has recorded a 173% increase in the past month as more impressive developments occur on the network. This surge is propelled by the Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) launch, signaling strong market sentiment. The recent announcement of its partnership with Bitget Wallet, indicating the integration of its token into its custom network, has also put MetisDAO on track for more gains in 2024.

MultiversX (EGLD): Multipurpose Blockchain Functionality

The scalable blockchain MultiversX has piqued top investors’ interest after its recent network upgrade. The project, which gained popularity for using sharding to complete fast transactions, has completed its upgrade on epoch 1265. Three top cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance,, and MEXC, supported this upgrade, pausing EGLD deposits and withdrawals on their platforms.

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The MultiversX upgrade, triggered by a 98% approval of the Sirius proposal, will bring the v1.6 mainnet upgrade to the network. It will include features like DNS v2 and VM 1.5 that are expected to drastically reduce infrastructure costs and save up to 92% for node operators and validators. Another major announcement has been set for January 31st, the possible launch of the new MultiversX, which would support fast trading of EGLD and potentially cause the token to surge.

Paxos (USDP): Strategic Blockchain Expansion

The Ethereum-based stablecoin Paxos has launched on the Solana blockchain. This strategic expansion, which removes the exclusivity of the Ethereum blockchain from this coin, marks a significant turn in the crypto market and even better news for Solana. The move would give a competitive edge to its native token, USDP, in a market where Tether (USDT) dominates.

Paxos is the only regulated blockchain platform with jurisdiction over multiple blockchains. This expansion guarantees that the token will be readily available to everyday consumers while enabling them to benefit from the low fees and rapid transaction rates on Solana. According to the official statement from Walter Hessert, Paxo’s Head of Strategy, users would find it easier to get the safest, most reliable stablecoin, USDP, on the high-performance network.


The crypto market faces an exciting turn of positive developments from top projects on the decentralized cryptocurrency list. With these events underway, investor sentiment remains positive. Metis, MultiversX, and Paxos have triggered impressive features that have set them up for immense growth. While investors await the positive effects of the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF, they are flocking to the surging InQubeta presale to claim gem tokens with a vast potential for substantial returns.

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