This Recurring Kaspa’s Price Behavior Points to When the Next KAS Bullish Rally Will Start

According to analyst Max, Kaspa (KAS) appears primed for its next move higher. He noticed a repetitive pattern playing out with the KAS/BTC and KAS/ETH pairs since early 2023 – 65 days of accumulation followed by expansion to key Fibonacci levels.

As Max explains, “The KAS/BTC & KAS/ETH pairs both spend 65 days re-accumulating before they expand up to the 3.414 & 3.618 fibonacci extension level. If this pattern continues to play out that would place the next $KAS run sometime in the first half of February.”

As analyst Max explains, he has observed a repetitive price pattern with the KAS/BTC and KAS/ETH trading pairs since early 2023. Specifically, he notes these pairs tend to spend around 65 days in an accumulation phase, consolidating and finding a price floor, before then expanding upward to key Fibonacci extension levels at 3.414 and 3.618. This consistent cycle of 65 days of accumulation followed by an expansion rally has recurred multiple times. If the pattern continues, it projects the next bullish KAS price run to initiate at some point in the first half of February 2023.

Crucial Resistance Levels

Addressing KAS/USDT, the 1.618 fib extension has been holding strong support since November when price reclaimed it. Max expects this area around 0.618 to remain supported for further upside. The repetitive nature of this consolidation/expansion indicates another leg higher aligns with historical price action.

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Cautions Around Forward-Looking Views

However, it’s important to exercise some caution when extrapolating historical patterns into the future. While useful for identifying possibilities, past performance does not guarantee future results. Changing market conditions and new developments can alter expected outcomes derived from viewing previous trends. Predictions should be weighed probabilistically rather than as certainties.

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