BlockDAG Unveils Miners for Profitable Mining as Bitcoin’s Funding Rate Hits 66%, and Litecoin Expects a Rally

The crypto industry is experiencing new changes as we enter the new year. On 1st January, Bitcoin (BTC) price gave a strong bounce-back, gaining more than 7% and shooting $45,000 levels. On the other hand, Litecoin (LTC) expects a bull run at the start of 2024. One new contender, BlockDAG (BDAG), is emerging during these developments while successfully accumulating $1 million within 24 hours in its ongoing presale.

It stands out as the best crypto in presale, with unique features and profitable mining possibilities. Let’s delve into the innovative journey of BlockDAG and explore its unique features and profitable mining possibilities.

Bitcoin Price Targets $50,000 Mark In Q1

On January 1st, Bitcoin made a strong comeback by gaining more than 7% and shooting past $45,000 levels. Everyone expected approval for the spot Bitcoin ETF, which tentatively happened on January 10.

Bitcoin funding rate has jumped above 66%, suggesting that crypto traders maintain a strong bullish outlook after the imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF. This dynamic in the future market squeezing the spot market is expected to drive Bitcoin beyond the $50,000 target level for January 2024, which now appears reasonably attainable. There is even speculation that Bitcoin could surpass $50,000 by the end of the current week.

Litecoin Prepping For A Bull Rally?

According to the coin market cap, Litecoin was trading at $69 with a market capitalization of over $5.3 billion, making it the 18th largest crypto. However, if the latest dataset is to be considered, the trend might change as it suggests a price uptick.

Experts suggest that bearish sentiment around Litecoin has increased over the recent past. Its social volume also dropped, reflecting a decline in the coin’s popularity. However, its funding rate remained green, meaning investors continued to buy LTC. While social sentiments remained low, Litecoin’s MVRV ratio declined, which could be interpreted as a bearish signal. Nonetheless, LTC’s transaction count remained high.

However, even if LTC manages to kick-start a bull rally, it has to overcome a barrier to maintain its gains. Therefore, even if LTC starts a bull rally, it must go above the level for investors to enjoy profits in the coming days.

BlockDAG Coin – The New Frontier in Mining

In the middle of these developments, one new player is grabbing attention with its unique features and profitable mining possibilities, BlockDAG, which has successfully accumulated  $1 million within 24 hours in its ongoing presale.  Kaspa, the first BlockDAG, inspires it. With its cutting-edge proof-of-work engine, BlockDAG achieves unparalleled transaction speeds, pushing the boundaries of blockchain capabilities.

BlockDAG is introducing profitable mining possibilities to its investors. It has four distinct mining devices: X1, X10, X30 and X100. Each of these has different hash rates, power consumption, and daily earning potential.

The most unique thing about these devices is that they can be bought directly from the BlockDAG website. It will ensure secure transactions and reliable shipping. BlockDAG’s mining hardware is also designed to be compact, energy-efficient, and low noise, and it ensures versatile placement and unobtrusive operation in various environments.

The End Note

The crypto industry is volatile. Changes will occur unexpectedly. Bitcoin’s fund rate is 66%. On the other hand, Litecoin is expecting a bull run. A new player is making waves with its distinct features and profitable mining possibilities, BlockDAG, which has successfully accumulated $1 million within 24 hours in its ongoing presale. Seize this opportunity to invest wisely.

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