This 2.0 Coin Provides the Hottest Investment Opportunity This Month

Bitcoin Minetrix is the most trending cryptocurrency of this month. The bitcoin derivative that comes with stake-to-mine functionalities has managed to capture the interest of long-term bitcoin holders in a short space of time. 

Investors are buying Bitcoin Minetrix instead of Bitcoin this month to secure reliable profits, as BTC hover under $30K. The project, with its unique passive income opportunity based on bitcoin mining, has become one of the most lucrative investments of 2023. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is a Passive Income Haven

One of the primary motives behind cryptocurrency investments is passive income. Investors often enter the market with the hope to double or triple their deposits in a few months’ time, having read the rags-to-riches tales of crypto millionaires. 

But what they fail to notice is that investments in established cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH won’t be able to deliver multifold returns. An analysis of the journey of these projects over the years is more than enough to understand why. They have high market caps, despite their downtrends in 2022. In fact, the downtrends they went through can be best described as price corrections. 

This is where projects like Bitcoin Minetrix stand out. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is dedicated to bringing mining to more people by taking advantage of blockchain tokenization. What this essentially means is that investors can earn passive income through Bitcoin mining by investing in the native cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Minetrix, $BTCMTX. 

The token provides an excellent passive income opportunity to retail investors. If Bitcoin mining was accessible to just a few people in the past who had the money, time, and skills to engage in it, the new cloud mining project lowers the entry barriers to the industry. 

Over time, Bitcoin Minetrix will grow its capacity by joining forces with more cloud mining entities, widening its reach and user base as well. The continuous expansion will play a key role in helping the token maintain its steady growth against broader market volatility. 

Stake $BTCMTX to Get BTC Mining Power

Let’s take a look at how the Bitcoin Minetrix ecosystem works. 

To get started, you would need some BTCMTX tokens. You can buy it from cryptocurrency exchanges once it’s listed. But early investors can access the token via the ongoing presale for heavily discounted prices. The growing hype around the project is predicted to send the token 5X to 10X above its presale price within a few days of the token launch. 

Once you have them ready, you can stake them on the platform. That is, temporarily lock them in the Bitcoin Minetrix smart contract for a duration that you’re comfortable with. That’s it. Now your account will credit BTC mining credits over time. They are paid in a non-tradable token. That means, you can’t exchange them with anyone else. Even if someone hacks or steals it, they won’t be able to use it. You are the sole owner of these mining credits. 

You can burn them any time you want to get BTC rewards.

The Ultimate Bet for 2024?

According to industry experts, investing in a selection of discounted bitcoin mining stocks or tokens with substantial growth potential could possibly represent the ultimate bet for 2024.

While that sounds like something pretty straightforward, it is complicated as far as an average investor is concerned. According to them, finding one good mining company requires research. What about a portfolio of them? That will be time-consuming and tiring. 

Bitcoin Minetrix simplifies the process. It harnesses the technical capabilities of leading mining companies from around the world and distributes a share of the profits with its retail investors. The passive income amounts to a substantial amount over time, much higher than the industry standard. 

Moreover, being underpinned by bitcoin mining, the passive income is more reliable than other platforms that provide crypto staking opportunities. Bitcoin mining is one of the most active and lucrative sectors within the crypto market. 

Although the next bitcoin halving will reduce the block rewards, it is predicted to lead to a huge price surge for BTC, which will make mining all the more attractive. According to some industry experts, BTC will hit $100,000 in the first half of 2023. 

It’s not a far-fetched price prediction, given the impact of the milestone. 

Dashboard to Go Live Soon

The stake-to-mine functionality of Bitcoin Minetrix has yet to go live. It is currently under development and will be launched soon. But that is not stopping investors from staking their presale $BTCMTX tokens, which accrue more $BTCMTX tokens as staking rewards. 

The staking APY is high.

With each new presale stage, the price will undergo a small uptick to cater to the growing demand. The next price increase is in three days. 


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