These 3 Cryptos Could Hit The Top 10 This Year

Analysts have picked three tokens that could rise to the top 10 this year. The tokens include Injective, Pullix, and Vechain. Pullix is definitely a project worth keeping an eye on. Currently, it is in its presale stage with a 100x prediction on the way. Such forecasts suggest a promising future for the altcoin.

Injective (INJ) Hits 2 New Milestones

Injective (INJ) has been one of the fastest-growing networks in the year after its native token soared over 2,700%. In the latest development, the project has achieved two major feats. Firstly, Injective has reached 50,000,000 $INJ staked. This means about 170,000 unique delegators now stake over 50% of the total $INJ supply.

The 50,000,000 $INJ staked shows that the Injective network is growing and adoption is rising. Apart from the increase in stakes, the Injective team has also taken steps to ensure that the value of its native increases.

On January 31st, the team announced that they burnt 5,643 $INJ tokens ($196,000). Surprisingly, this is one of the largest token burns Injective has ever carried out.

Looking at these developments, analysts believe Injective has what it takes to join the top 10 cryptocurrencies this year.

VeChain (VET) Integrates With Tangem 

In a recent announcement on Twitter, Tangem, a provider of hardware wallets, revealed that it has integrated the VeChain blockchain network into its crypto self-custody service.

With this integration, users of VeChain can now safely store ecosystem tokens such as VET and VTHO directly in their Tangem mobile app through VeChainThor.

This news reveals that the VeChain coin is seeing wide adoption, which could increase in the coming months. This increased adoption could push VeChain coin from the top 50 to the top 10 coins before the end of 2024.

Meanwhile, VeChain’s VET is trading at the $0.02649 – $0.02956 price range with a 4.7% price pump in the past week. Analysts see the altcoin rising to $0.1 before the end of 2024.

Pullix (PLX) Rises 150% As It Notches Another Milestone

Alongside major players like Injective and VeChain, Pullix (PLX) is carving out its niche in the bullish crypto market. The native token, PLX, has climbed 150% from $0.04 to $0.1. The project has successfully amassed over $4.7 million, inching closer to the $5 million milestone. Let us see what is driving the excitement around the DeFi project.

Pullix is a hybrid trading platform with innovative features and opportunities. Notably, its NFT Launchpad has caught users’ attention by offering investment chances in unique digital assets. These NFTs are particularly appealing because they offer real value: investors can purchase these top NFTs and potentially sell them for profit.

But there’s more to Pullix than just the NFT Launchpad. The platform provides attractive earning prospects for PLX token holders, notably through its token burn strategy. A portion of the platform’s earnings is used to regularly purchase and burn PLX tokens, gradually reducing their supply and enhancing their value.

This DeFi project skillfully blends the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, delivering a smooth and secure trading environment. Its intuitive interface simplifies trading top NFTs and various assets, making it accessible to all. At Pullix, users are engaged in more than just trading; they are part of a dynamic community that values active participation and rewards loyalty.


Analysts looking for altcoins to bet on in 2024 for bullish growth can look at Injective, Pullix, and Vechain. Meanwhile, Pullix is an interesting member of the group.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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