The Next Crypto Bull Cycle is Just Around the Corner – Investors are Buying into These Altcoins Before it’s Too Late

With BTC crossing $30K again and the rest of the market following suit in green, the next crypto bull cycle is closer than it looks. There is no point in jumping onto well-performing assets once they have already started climbing the charts. 

So, here are some of the best investment opportunities to seize now and ride the upcoming crypto bull run with attractive profits.  

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

At the forefront of our list is Wall Street Memes token (WSM), the new meme coin sensation that is currently smashing records with its fast-paced presale. In just a few days into launching, this token is on its way to the remarkable $10M milestone, sending waves of euphoria across the market. 

The allure of Wall Street stems lies in its meme coin label, of course. But that’s only a part of it. The meme coin is launched by the Wall Street Memes community, which has 1M+ followers from across the globe. It went on to make headlines for rapidly selling out its inaugural NFT collection, Wall St. Bulls (hosted on the Ethereum blockchain), in a mere 32 minutes in 2021. 

Hilarious memes mostly centered around the double standards of financial institutions and governments have allowed Wall Street Memes to establish itself as one of the largest and most beloved online pages on social media. 

Prominent figures, including Tech mogul and meme coin lover Elon Musk, have actively engaged with the thriving community. With the meme coin, Wall Street Memes aims to empower everyday individuals to grow their wealth, capitalizing on the fervor surrounding meme coins.

If you’re new to the meme coin market, this may appear bizarre to you as the token lacks any underlying purpose, product, or utility. But you need to remember that the crypto market has a track record of birthing seemingly valueless coins that go on to amass market capitalizations in the hundreds of millions. A recent example is Pepe, which exploded 7000% in just days. 

With robust community support, WSM has the potential to outperform Pepe and generate 100X returns for early investors. The rapidly progressing presale of WSM tokens hints at the high growth potential of the project. Although the initial bullish momentum will taper off in a few months, WSM has long-term relevance. 

It can be attributed to the project’s tokenomics, which allocates 30% of the supply for community rewards. The regular giveaways and airdrops will cement WSM’s position on the top-3 meme coin chart and eventually help it make its way above. 

An ideal entry point to Wall Street Memes is the ongoing presale, which features 30 stages with incremental price increases. Having secured close to $10M already, the presale is approaching its end. As the traffic to the presale grows in the coming days, it is predicted to sell out early. Make sure you grab the tokens early to take advantage of the early-stage discounts. 

2. yPredict (YPRED)

The next presale cryptocurrency that will make an excellent investment now is yPredict (YPRED), a utility-rich digital asset supported by an AI ecosystem designed specifically for traders, developers, quants, and analysts. To understand the project’s significance within the market, we need to examine the existing landscape of cryptocurrency trading and investment. Needless to say, it’s not great.

The present crypto trading and investment sphere is saturated with automated bots and algorithms. 

  • They were helpful in the past. But they are not, anymore. The reason? Their presence has grown to the extent that they can impact the pricing dynamics of the market. So, the market has become largely unpredictable over time. 
  • They are sometimes designed to manipulate investors into making biased investment decisions that favor a certain asset or project. 

In the current landscape, we need advanced tools to navigate the market, and therein lies the market relevance of yPredic. It offers a comprehensive solution to find your way through the intricate ecosystem. 

  • It presents a unique marketplace that features crypto price predictive models meticulously crafted by top AI experts, quants, and analysts. 
  • With the platform, users have the opportunity to subscribe to these crypto price predictive models using YPRED tokens on a monthly basis.
  • All transactions within the platform are conducted exclusively in YPRED tokens.
  • But you need not pay to access a range of basic tools and metrics available on the platform. You just need to hold YPRED tokens. 
  • This not only improves the product’s exposure, but also helps in reducing the token supply in the open market, thereby supporting its price.

Factoring in the large potential of the yPredict ecosystem, the ongoing YPRED presale is not to be missed out on. It is one of the most promising projects for long-term investment in 2023.

While the project may not necessarily give you 100X returns on going live on exchanges, it can get you solid returns in the next three to five years. The initial exchange listing, on the other hand, has the potential to get you 10-15X ROI. That is, if you have secured the tokens at their presale price.

3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Next is Launchpad XYZ (LPX) — a revolutionary Web 3.0 platform that aims to dismantle the entry barriers in the crypto industry. How does it achieve its goal?

By being the only Web 3.0 hub you need to go to access lucrative insights into the market. It opens up a plethora of investment, trading, and utility opportunities for users, particularly beginners, who are unsure of where to begin and how to go about it. 

The project’s scope covers various sectors within the crypto space, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), fractionalized assets, utility tokens, and Web3 presales. For example, the  comprehensive suite of features includes an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn gaming hub, a library offering metaverse experiences, a Web3 wallet, an NFT decentralized exchange (DEX), and a trading terminal.

One particularly interesting aspect of Launchpad XYZ is the Launchpad Quotient (LQ), a singular value that represents the risk and reward potential of any digital asset. It is derived from an analysis of 400 data points like moving averages, sentiment analysis, and trading volume, among others. The LQ is dynamic as it factors in the latest available data, giving users an edge in their investment decisions.

Acknowledging the rising interest in cryptocurrencies and allied products and services, Launchpad XYZ’s goal is to onboard the next 10 million users to the world of Web 3.0. It achieves this by simplifying the crypto user experience and providing credible information on various investment opportunities. 

Launchpad XYZ will be a comprehensive resource that offers real-time information about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, play-to-earn games, presales, and more. In other words, it’s a vast repository of data, covering details on every listed asset across multiple marketplaces, information about which assets are in high demand, and new NFTs with significant growth potential.

The industry needs platforms like Launchpad XYZ to reshape the popular narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies as intimidating investments with high volatility. It offers guidance and support to new participants to navigate the intricate landscape without falling into potential pitfalls. 

4. Ecoterra 

The crypto industry needs to demonstrate its potential beyond play-to-earn games, meme coins, and superficial NFT collectibles to enter the mainstream. But a quick look at the crypto market reveals that most projects have confined themselves to the long-established norms, rather than exploring blockchain innovation and what it is capable of. 

That’s one of the key reasons why the Ecoterra presale is trending. 

It dares to venture beyond DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn. It is a green crypto project that seeks to popularize recycling, harnessing the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain technology. It puts forward a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers both companies and individuals to actively join climate action and make a difference. 

These are the key pillars of the Ecoterra ecosystem. 

  • Recycle2Earn (R2E) application: The app simplifies the process of recycling and incentivizes you to engage in the activity more. It requires you to recycle items through reverse-vending machines in your area by signing in to the app. In exchange, you will be rewarded with Ecoterra, the ecosystem’s native digital currency, in addition to the rewards that you are normally entitled to. 
  • Carbon offset marketplace: The platform enables you to make a tangible environmental impact by participating in carbon offsetting initiatives. It plans to simplify carbon offsetting for voluntary and non-voluntary participants.
  • Marketplace for recycled materials: Businesses seeking to support sustainability efforts can connect with providers of recycled raw materials such as plastic, glass, or aluminum through this marketplace.
  • Impact trackable profile: Monitor and showcase your positive environmental actions with the Ecoterra impact trackable profile, whether you are an individual, business, or celebrity. It is an excellent tool to enhance brand image and build customer/audience loyalty.

As one of the few cryptocurrencies with high potential for mainstream adoption, kindled by brand and celebrity partnerships, Ecoterra has high growth potential this year. 

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