The most popular crypto currencies offered at online casinos 

Online gambling has seen a massive surge of interest across the world in the last couple of years. Those fortunate enough to stay employed during the pandemic and make the switch to remote work often found themselves with some spare cash at the end of each month. Lockdown and all leisure activities such as visits to restaurants and sporting events were put on hold. 

This in turn led to people looking for alternative ways to be entertained. Casinos then acted as the perfect place to turn with these new reserves of cash and allowed newer players to dip their toes in when most people only left the house to go grocery shopping or take small walks. 

At the same time as the lockdowns started wearing the most on people, cryptocurrency started its infamous pandemic bull run. The price of the entire market soared and crypto became the hottest topic of discussion around dinner tables and online. Therefore, it is not hard to understand how these two quickly came to overlap. 

More people than ever before were interested in crypto, and the casino scene online was growing. Today, playing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at casinos is very easy. In this article we will provide a brief rundown of the most popular cryptocurrencies to use while gambling online. 

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It most likely does not come as a surprise that Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency to use while gambling online. As the first, and biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin is the bedrock of the entire crypto market. Because of this, Bitcoin is what most people feel comfortable using in transactions and is also the currency that people are most likely to invest in. 


Ethereum became the darling of many investors in the past couple of years. Running on a more modern blockchain than Bitcoin, Ethereum quickly became wildly popular. This also coincided with the rise of NFT’s, which also utilized the same blockchain. Ethereum is somewhat smoother to use in transactions and is the perfect thing to utilize for crypto casinos. 

One of the major drawbacks of using crypto for payments to and from a casino is the fees that can arise, as well as the time for a transaction to go through. Ethereum is predicted to continue growing in popularity after this current bear market has cooled down a bit. 

Meme coins 

If you have been around the crypto sphere for some time, you have most likely heard of meme coins in some form or another. The biggest of these is without a doubt Dogecoin, which saw massive growth during a couple of weeks in 2021, mainly spurred on by rampant speculation and tweets by Elon Musk. 

But in turn this also meant that more people than ever before invested in these coins, and the industry was forced to respond. Thanks to the fact that the price of these currencies was much lower than larger and more traditional cryptocurrencies, many people prefer using Dogecoin to gamble online, since it is easier to grasp amounts gambled for in whole coins instead of in fractions like with Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

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