The Memecoin Revolution is Underway, and Wall Street Memes, Thug Life Token, and PEPE 2.0 are Leading the Way

The memecoin revolution is officially underway, and a small group of contenders is in the pole position, hitting everybody’s watch list as investors seek extraordinary gains in the process.

The sector recently came back to life as the broader crypto market started to experience positive sentiment following BlackRock’s entrance into the space with its application to launch an ETF for institutional investors.

Although many memecoins are emerging, there are three in particular that are leading the way, with strong potential for long-term growth; Wall Street Memes, Thug Life token, and PEPE 2.0.

The Memecoin Revolution Is Just Getting Started

Memecoins have long been known to provide some of the most exceptional returns in the crypto industry.

It started with Dogecoin, which provided some of the most impressive returns for early adopters in the initial years of the cryptocurrency industry.

Then came Shiba Inu, which looked to overtake Dogecoin in 2020 as it rose to prominence through influencer marketing and social media.

Most recently, PEPE stole the limelight with its impressively quick growth, providing early investors with over 7000% returns in the process.

However, most of these legacy memecoins have already surged to exceptionally high market caps, meaning extraordinary returns aren’t available for newcomers in the market.

Fortunately, many new memecoins are emerging – touted to provide similar returns to previous memecoin sensations in the space.

In particular, Wall Street Memes and Thug Life Token seem to be the newest contenders, with Wall Street Memes having an advantage due to its huge community and attention from Elon Musk.

Still, Thug Life Token presents a unique opportunity in the presale space that hasn’t yet been explored – with the potential for quick upside 10x returns following its presale.

Lastly, PEPE 2.0 is also making headlines as it seeks to replicate the success of its predecessor PEPE – and is already well on the way to joining the previously mentioned famous memecoins.

Let’s look at these three projects leading the way in the new memecoin revolution.

Wall Street Memes – Is This Elon Musk’s New Favorite Memecoin?

Wall Street Memes is touted as the next memecoin sensation ready to explode by over 100x once its presale ends and the token hits major tier-1 exchanges across the industry.

The project is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after memecoins in the industry as it becomes the fastest-growing presale in 2023 – raising over $13 million in just five weeks.

Investors are quickly flocking to be positioned in this project as early as possible. They believe the token presents a unique opportunity to provide outstanding returns, largely due to its huge community and the attention received from Elon Musk.

Wall Street Memes is making a mockery of the traditional financial system through its hilarious memes posted across social media channels.

The project has already managed to amass a cult-like following, with over one million followers across its social media profiles.

As a result, it’s become one of the most popular sources for finance-related memes, attracting over 40 million impressions every month.

Although the following was initially grown from its connection to Wall Street Bulls – an NFT project that quickly sold its entire collection in 2021 – the following was further propelled after Elon Musk started to take notice of the project.

The SpaceX entrepreneur has been an avid lover of memes, often posting hilarious memes to his 140 million followers on his social media. Musk has been commenting on the Wall Street Memes profile on several occasions after being drawn in its brutal honesty exposing the traditional financial system;

Investors quickly rushed to the project after learning of Musk’s interactions as they believe further comments would help WSM reach unprecedented heights once the presale ends.

In addition, the fact that Wall Street Memes has a strong following pretty much guarantees it a major tier-1 exchange listing after the fundraising, with analysts speculating Binance or OKX might be the first to list the token.

Furthermore, investors are comfortable with the team’s capability as they demonstrate their long-term commitment to the project by refusing to allocate any tokens for themselves.

Instead, the entire supply will be in the community’s hands, with half sold in the presale and half reserved for adding liquidity to exchanges and providing community rewards.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has the perfect mixture of internet culture, meme-orientated humor, and decentralized finance to turn it into the next memecoin sensation in the space.

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Thug Life Token – A Unique Opportunity for a Fair Presale Launch

The next emerging meme leading the way in the new memecoin revolution is Thug Life Token – a project that provides a unique opportunity in the presale space by providing a fair launch for all investors.

Thug Life Token provides a second chance for those that have been played by their favorite influencers while trying to hustle in the degen crypto markets.

The project embraces the streets and is inspired by the Thug Life movement, popularized by icons like Snoop Dogg in the 1990s.

Thug Life Token takes this concept and integrates humor, resilience, comedy, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of sitting in the Web3 world into the project.

In a nutshell, Thug Life Token wants to turn the bitter landscape of dumped presales into a prosperous space, helping to turn the previous losses into new wins for investors.

To do this, they plan on building a strong and united community to rally behind the token and drake it to new heights while making light of coping with missed memecoin opportunities.

One of the methods used to build a united community is by allowing everybody to invest on an even playing field.

Instead of multiple price points in its presale, THUG will be sold at a set cost of $0.0007 – meaning everybody gets in at the same price. This is designed to incentivize long-term holding.

Furthermore, the presale is enforcing a hard cap of $2 million, meaning there’s a limited opportunity to get invested.

As a result, the market cap for THUG will start at $2.94 million, providing exceptional growth room ahead for early adopters.

Overall, Thug Life Token is embracing the street culture and presenting a new exciting proposal in the presale game, touted to provide at least 10x returns for early adopters.

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Pepe 2.0 – Setting a New Standard in the PEPE Copycat Sector

The last memecoin causing a stir in the market is Pepe 2.0 – a project that’s causing a stir in the memecoin sector after touching a $1 million market cap earlier today.

Pepe 2.0 intends to follow the footsteps of its predecessor it’s aptly named after, PEPE, with an intention to re-do its billion-dollar run higher while simultaneously avoiding some of the mistakes it made.

One of the mistakes made was launching on the weekend, causing a host of investors to miss out as they were away taking a break. However, the biggest mistake the original Pepe made was including a blacklist function in its smart contract;

The function allows the team to restrict access to PEPE tokens, ruining the decentralized nature of the token. Furthermore, one poor investor ended up having over $8 million worth of the token locked as he was blacklisted from making any transactions.

The newly formed ethos behind PEPE 2.0 has allowed it to achieve extraordinary heights, surging by a whopping 1167% this week;

Despite its remarkable success, many analysts believe the enormous gains that PEPE 2.0 can provide have passed. This is because early adopters are the ones that are positioned to achieve 10000%+ returns as they invest at lower prices.

With the current market cap of around $70 million, PEPE 2.0 would need to hit a market cap of $210 million to provide just 3x returns to investors entering the market today.

As a result, although PEPE 2.0 is still expected to continue higher, experts suggest looking elsewhere for outsized returns.

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