Telegram Casino ($TGC) Crosses $1 Million As Investors Rush to Revenue-Sharing Casino Capable of Delivering Rollbit ($RLB) Gains – Just Five Days to Go Before Price Increase.

The presale for TG.Casino ($TGC) recently crossed the $1 million milestone as investors rushed to the fundraising, believing it could deliver 100x Rollbit-like gains.

TG.Casino is a crypto-based casino that uses Telegram’s speed, security, and user base, bringing them a casino experience directly on the platform while distributing a passive income through revenues generated.

In addition, investors are intrigued by its deflationary model, which will make the $TGC token more scarce over time, helping to deliver long-term gains.

Now, there are just five days to get positioned at the ground floor prices before they increase.

Here’s everything you need to know about why investors and influencers scramble to become early adopters.

TG.Casino Crosses $1 Million Fundraising Milestone as FOMO Kicks in

The presale for TG.Casino ($TGC) has been truly exceptional, raising over $1 million in just a few weeks.

The presale raised over $100,000 in its first few minutes after going live through blue-tick Twitter influencers and Web3 investment circles.

These high-stake investors understand that TG.Casino has the capability of delivering Rollbit-like returns to early adopters, and they were keen to get positioned at the ground level.

Rollbit ($RLB) was one of the stand-out projects in 2023, as it delivered over 7,500% returns for early adopters.

The revenue-sharing model was groundbreaking, causing investors to rush to the crypto-based casino platform,

Now, TG.Casino wants to take the model one step further by leveraging the speed and security of Telegram while integrating a powerful deflationary model into its ecosystem.

As a result, investors quickly believe that $TGC can deliver 100x returns for those investing at the current price point.

A Revolutionary Casino That Shares Profits and Burns Tokens

TG.Casino is not just a typical online casino.

Instead, it’s a cutting-edge platform that leverages the Telegram platform to offer a seamless gaming experience that introduces a revenue-sharing model with a deflationary mechanic.

The project intends to totally transform the traditional casino reward system by turning $TGC holders into casino owners.

Users are able to buy $TGC and use it to play games in the casino alongside other major currencies. Placing wagers with the token will give users additional bonuses, rewards, and prizes.

The token holders can also stake their $TGC to earn an APY yield during the presale stages and earn a passive income once the platform launches.

The project combines two of the hottest trending sectors in crypto – Telegram bots and revenue-sharing gambling casinos.

The ecosystem is designed to give back to its players through its revenue-sharing model and deflationary mechanism.

As a result, $TGC is not just any digital token. Instead, it’s a value-driven asset supported and stabilized by a share of the TG.Casino profits.

The team will use a portion of the TG.Casino revenue to buy back $TGC tokens from the open market – creating a form of consistent demand for the token.

From the $TGC bought, the team will distribute 60% to all stakers on the network, providing them with a passive income.

The other 40% is then sent to a burner address to reduce the overall supply of $TGC.

The combination of a rising demand meeting a falling supply is why experts believe $TGC is capable of delivering 100x returns for those investing at this stage of the presale.

Highly-Polished and Licensed Casino – All Built on Telegram

The platform is truly exceptional and well-built.

Users won’t have to create accounts on the platform as they log in through Telegram using their profile, making it instantly accessible to over 700 million users.

Furthermore, Telegram’s unparalleled security helps add a layer of protection for investors as their data is protected through encryption.

The casino offers hundreds of highly polished games – capable of rivaling the gaming experience from online casino giants.

This is because TG.Casino is connected to the same gaming providers, like Evolution and AMATIC.

In addition, TG.Casino has its own sportsbook to wager bets on the outcome of sports matches.

Most importantly, the platform is fully licensed, obtaining its credentials from the Curacao Gaming entity.

This makes the casino regulated, transparent, and provably fair.

The smart contracts for the project have been audited by Coinsult – one of crypto’s most respected security firms.

Get Positioned Today Before Prices Increase – Just Five Days to Go.

The presale continues to fly after crossing the $1 million milestone,

It’s currently selling the token at a price of $0.125, but this is quickly set to change in five days as the presale uses a rising pricing strategy.

Therefore, those investing before the price increase stand to benefit the most as they take advantage of lower prices.

Users can purchase the token using ETH, BNB, or USDT through the project’s homepage.

Overall, with its unique Telegram-based casino, passive income, and deflationary mechanism, TG.Casino is setting the foundation for an explosive launch with long-term growth, capable of delivering 100x returns.

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