Stratis (STRAT) is still on the path to be a huge player in crypto space

Stratis has seen some interesting price movements throughout these last couple of weeks. Starting the month off around $1.50, the currency fell down to a monthly low of $1.29 on October 12th. From here STRAT simply exploded, reaching $2.08 on the 16th behind almost $3 million worth of trade volume. This pump went away as it came, with Stratis dropping down to $1.39 on October 18th. After a few days of sideways movements, Stratis exploded once again and saw a monthly peak of $2.15 on October 22nd. The currency went into another downtrend which saw its daily trade volume rise to $20 million in the middle of the drop-off. The sails have been relatively calm for the currency in the last week or so.

Right now you can purchase one STRAT for $1.57 USD (0.58% rise in the last 24 hours)/0.00024261 BTC (-0.71% drop in the last 24 hours). This value is 93% lower than the currency’s all-time high of $21.85. Stratis hasn’t grown much during the last 30 days, recording a rise of 5.81% throughout the period. Daily trade volume is at $983,694, with Binance, Bittrex and Upbit being responsible for most of that. With a market cap of $153,527,395, Stratis is currently the 51st most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Trader alanmasters thinks that Stratis is ready to move:

“Stratis weekly chart analysis

  • We start by noticing the biggest volume bar for Stratis since its inception to Binance. Last week the volume was higher even when STRAT was on its bull run.
  • After hitting a low point on August, creating a hammer candlestick, volume started to increase. We are seeing higher lows and even higher highs.
  • With the biggest volume ever, EMA10 has been broken (green line). This is the first time since May, and that was a fake out. Expect lots of bullish action from Stratis in the months to come.
  • Bullish MACD crossover, clear and strong.
  • RSI coming out of oversold. STOCHRSI is bullish.
  • The price where Stratis found support, was only hit once back in October 2017. This is a strong support and we are expecting bullish action from here.”

Check out his complete analysis for the chart and some trading suggestions here.

Stratis was recently in the news for a positive reason. The project became a certified Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) which will let it gain access to Microsoft’s business/technical/marketing/development resources. Stratis previously held its ICO Platform and the Stratis C# Full Node on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and this new launch will increase the projects future business opportunities. The Azure Marketplace gives app and service providers access to 120,000 enterprise customers and 800,000 ecosystem partners in 190 countries. Chris Trew, the CEO of Stratis, commented on the partnership:

“This partnership gets me very excited indeed. I am looking forward to working with Microsoft’s Go-To-Market Team and further leveraging the Azure technology stack with the Stratis Platform.”

Some community members suggested that the partnership was a paid one but even if it was, Stratis was required to meet the strict requirements which Microsoft set up for its Silver partners.

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In other updates, Jeremy Bokobza, Head Engineer of the Stratis Platform, gave an update on the development. According to him, the project node is being tested at the moment, especially with integration tests. New features were added to the Stratis Wallet, smart-contract-enable-PoA networks were tested and new offices were opened as well. Bokobza confirmed that he’ll be releasing regular weekly Stratis development updates on his Twitter account. The Stratis Smart Contracts in C# team gave the community an update about what happened last week:

Finally, a project called GLUON, which will be the first ICO to launch from the Stratis ICO platform, released some new information about their project.

Stratis has been somewhat shy with the updates lately and this caused it to drop out of the public eye. Still, the Microsoft deal reminded the community why they originally invested into this project and they’ll be expecting similar positive updates in the future.

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