Stellar Lumens (XLM) – Taking a Bite of Ethereum’s (ETH) ICO Cake

Stellar Lumens was a Ripple’s younger brother but it then got full revamp and it is now proudly sitting at rank 7 of cryptocurrency market with a huge market cap of $4.7 billion.

What is interesting about Stellar, aside of its fast transactions with low fees, is that it also offers similar possibilities for token issuance and ICOs like Ethereum does.

So what are some of the more interesting ICOs that have happened or are about to happen on XLM network?

Here is a short list of top 4:

Ternio (started on June 1st)

Immediately following the token sale, TERNIO will go live on at least one major ad network with more in the works following the launch. Ternio is unlike any other token sale or token in the advertising world. Ternio has a product, and will be the first to launch blockchain technology to digital advertising.Ternio will initially launch with Ad3 Media, a leader in video ad-tech through their patented CACHEQ video technology. Ternio will power their entire system from contracts, to payments, to fraud prevention.


Slice makes it easy and affordable to invest small amounts into real estate assets. Small and international investors get access to wealth-building opportunities. Real estate owners and operators get a large pool of untapped capital. Everyone wins.

Get access to institutional grade commercial real-estate: high returns and low fees, instant liquidity.
Investors get access to institutional-grade private market returns with public market liquidity.
Choose specific investments, just like buying a home.
High liquidity means you can cash out assets whenever you want, deposited right to your bank account.



The SureRemit token (RMT) is an utility token built on the Stellar Network, designed to be used by immigrants and customers within the SureRemit platform. Following this standard, SureRemit tokens are easily transferable between users and can be supported by wallets and exchanges that already support Stellar lumens.
Advertising as Stripe for Blockchain – Mobi is the protocol for connecting consumer applications and high-fidelity oracles to the blockchain economy.Mobi enables easy integration of any token into existing apps or connect existing apps or data to smart contracts on blockchain.
The top reason for developers to choose XLM over Ethereum as an ICO platform is the increasing costs of computations, transactions, and valuations on Ethereum network. As ether becomes more expensive so does working on the Ethereum blockchain. But this isn’t the case with Stellar since it does not need ‘GAS’ for execution of programs and the transaction fee on XLM network is a minuscule .00001 XLM. The average transaction time on the stellar platform is approximately 5 seconds making it much faster than Ethereum where it is 3.5 minutes.
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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

Rene Peters is editor-in-chief of CaptainAltcoin and is responsible for editorial planning and business development. After his training as an accountant, he studied diplomacy and economics and held various positions in one of the management consultancies and in couple of digital marketing agencies. He is particularly interested in the long-term implications of blockchain technology for politics, society and the economy.

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