Stellar & Ethereum Classic Investors Drive DeeStream’s Pre-Sale Surge, Eyeing 85X Expansion Amid ETF Growth

Presale phases often offer discounted entry prices and tantalizing perks for early investors. This could include revenue sharing agreements, discounted token prices, and access to prize draws. That’s not to mention that they have limitless price ceilings. In 2024, DeeStream is distinguishing itself among the top presale investment opportunities, with crypto analysts predicting up to an 85x in potential gains for its native token DST. Stellar and Ethereum Classic holders are among the early adopters buying into DeeStream in stage 2 of its presale launch—here’s why.

Can Stellar regain 2018 all-time highs in 2025?

Stellar Lumens, widely known as Stellar or by its token XLM, has the distinction of being among the longest-running Layer-1 blockchains. Stellar, after all, is going on its 3rd bull market cycle, after peaking shortly after the 2016-2017 Bitcoin halving and bull cycle back in January 2018. However, XLM has consistently failed to retest its historic highs in either subsequent Bitcoin halving…and that isn’t expected to change in 2024 and 2025. Currently, XLM trades at $0.11, with the relatively low trading volume indicative of a lack of traction for Stellar even as it touts its Soroban upgrade.

Ethereum Classic still an enticing investment for blockchain purists

Ethereum Classic was the original blockchain from whence what we know now as Ethereum came. The current iteration of Ethereum was borne from Ethereum Classic, which remains one of the few tried-and-tested smart contract platforms using a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. In theory, should Ethereum go down or fail for any reason, Ethereum Classic could become a business continuity option. Purists who advocate for the sanctity and immutability of the blockchain are drawn to Ethereum Classic, which trades at $28 as of press time.

DeeStream debuts on a strong note as one of 2024’s top presales

Every crypto investor is looking for the next potential gem, and market analysts appear to have found it in the form of DeeStream—the next potential 85x presale opportunity of 2024. DeeStream’s appeal is its value proposition of building the equivalent of streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Kick on Web3 infrastructure. In effect, DeeStream combines the robust studio-quality production and distribution infrastructure of platforms like YouTube and Kick, but without the restrictive, extortive business practices and policies that content creators have to deal with on Web2 platforms.

The DeeStream presale has raised over $1 million thus far in its presale, indicating the significant traction it has gained in just a short amount of time. Currently, prospective investors can buy DST tokens at a major discount at just $0.06 each, representing an ideal entry opportunity in a low-cap presale project with all the potential in the world to produce outsized gains. DeeStream is fully audited, with team tokens locked for 1,000 days and platform liquidity secured for life. That positions DeeStream as one of the most attractive investment opportunities 2024.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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