Stellar and Cosmos Investors Lead the Charge to Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale Amid Crypto Market Fluctuations

Investors rally around Pushd’s presale with all the swaying shifts in the crypto market. Stellar leads the growth charge, rallying over 86% on the year, while Cosmos changes the token inflation rate for sustainability. Pushd is rising as a leading pioneer of decentralized online retail, offering ultimate security and transparency, making its $0.144 per token presale very attractive. With traditional marketplaces facing difficulty, Pushd’s new model empowers buyers and sellers with a community-driven approach.

Stellar is trading at $0.13 and undergoing continuous updates, making it an enticing investment opportunity. Meanwhile, the development of Cosmos governance continues to maintain network integrity. The Pushd presale generally represents a shift towards decentralized commerce, enticing investors seeking innovation and long-term growth.

Stellar: Navigating Growth and Innovation

Stellar has shown a stunning increase over the last year, growing by 86% and maintaining a sustainable positive trend above the 200-day simple moving average. Despite its recent gains, this coin still lags behind over 54% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it remains 86% below its all-time high, suggesting potential for recovery. With medium liquidity and an annual inflation rate of 10.01%, Stellar is challenged to balance growth with inflation. The release of Protocol 20 and Mainnet Upgrade voting aims to improve functionality, performance, security, and stability. Stellar’s practical applications, such as international payments, make it a compelling investment choice.

Cosmos: Adjusting Inflation Rates for Long-Term Sustainability

The Cosmos community has approved a proposal to set the token inflation rate at 10%, reduced from 14%. This effort aims to decrease the number of newly minted Cosmos tokens entering the market while lowering the annual percentage rate for staked tokens. This change is expected to benefit the decentralized finance protocols and money markets within the Cosmos ecosystem. The significant voter turnout for the proposal underscores the community’s commitment to ensuring long-term sustainability and growth for the Cosmos network.

Pushd: Pioneering Decentralized E-Commerce

Pushd, the state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, is set to change online retail dynamics. As the world’s first fully decentralized marketplace built on blockchain technology, Pushd offers a simple, decentralized, KYC-free commerce platform that allows fast transactions. The presale price of $0.144 per token is appealing due to the locked team tokens and indefinite liquidity provisions securing investor interests. The governance model allows token holders to propose and vote on platform enhancements, fostering a community-driven ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of its participants. Investing in Pushd represents a promising opportunity amidst market volatility, driving demand for decentralized commerce.

To Sum It Up

In the final analysis, Pushd’s presale represents more than an opportunity for Investors. Instead, it symbolizes a turning towards a future in which online retail is more democratized, secure and transparent. Despite the market fluctuations, everybody sees great potential for Pushd to change today’s e-commerce landscape. The demand for this crypto asset has increased since the presale launch, so the value is also expected to rise further.

Find out more about the Pushd (PUSHD) presale by visiting the website here

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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