$SPONGE Sees Enormous $3.7 Million Staked For V2 Upgrade In Just Three Weeks – Here’s Why Investors Are Rushing For A Positioned

The V2 staking contract for the highly anticipated $SPONGE V2 upgrade has seen an enormous $3.7 million staked in just three weeks since being active.

Investors are now rushing to stake their V1 $SPONGE assets in the stake-to-bridge utility to get positioned in the V2 upgrade, which is slated to be bigger and better than ever.

$SPONGE was one of the stand-out performers in the meme coin season during May 2023, delivering a 100x return for early adopters. Now, the team intends to reproduce that 100x with its V2 $SPONGE.

$SPONGE Sees Epic $3.7 Million Staked in V2 Bridge in Just Three Weeks

$SPONGE has now attracted an epic $3.7 million into its V2 stake-to-bridge smart contract, demonstrating the building positively surrounding the V2 launch.

The V2 upgrade will bring about the next incarnation of the legendary $SPONGE meme coin, which launched in May 2023 and provided 100x returns for its early adopters.

It quickly became one of 2023’s biggest stories as its fair launch helped it quickly be listed on a handful of top-tier exchanges, including Gate.io and MEXC.

The project’s popularity quickly grew, resulting in Spongebob Token amassing a combined social following of over 30,000 in just a few weeks.

Now, the team is back with an upgrade for $SPONGE, which is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

Investors are rushing to get positioned in the stake-to-bridge utility so they can receive a proportional amount of V2 $SPONGE once the new token launches.

Spongebob Tokens Returns With V2 Upgrade To Bring First 100x Meme Coin in 2024

The V2 upgrade means $SPONGE is officially back and is ready to “absorb the damp.”

$SPONGE delivered an epic 100x return in 2023 when its market cap surged from $1 million to reach as high as $100 million. Now, the team intends to recreate the 100x return in 2024 through the V2 $SPONGE upgrade.

The Krabby Patty of meme coins isn’t holding any regular presale for its V2 upgrade. Instead, the only way to get positioned in V2 $SPONGE is by staking your $SPONGE in the stake-to-bridge mechanism.

This will create a smooth and fair launch for newcomers in 2024 while rewarding those loyal to the project throughout 2023.

There are just two ways to get ahold of $SPONGE officially.

The first is buying $SPONGe and staking the tokens in the V2 staking contract on the project’s website.

The other method is by staking previously held $SPONGE V1 in the staking contract.

The more V1 $SPONGE locked into the smart contract, the more V2 $SPONGE received. Furthermore, the longer the locked period for staking results in more V2 $SPONGE.

All V1 $SPONGE sent to the smart contract will be permanently locked, helping to support the transition away from the V1 version of the token.

Exciting Play-to-Earn Ecosystem in Development for Increased Activity

The team isn’t relying on a bull run to provide the first 100x return in 2024. Instead, it’s seeking to bring a series of utilities to the $SPONGE ecosystem, starting with an addictive play-to-earn game.

The Play-to-earn racer game will allow players to earn $SPONGE tokens by playing and ranking higher.

Prospective players must buy game credits by spending $SPONGE, giving the token another utility.

There will be a free and paid version of the game, with the paid version being the only one that rewards users.

Staking Goal Almost Hit – Time’s Running Out For Positioning

With the V2 staking contract hitting the $3.7 million milestone, the v2 $SPONGE upgrade has almost reached its staking goal, meaning time is running out for those wanting to get positioned in this fantastic opportunity.

Once the staking period is over, stakers will be able to claim their V2 $SPONGE from the project’s website, with dates and times set to be announced on its social media channels closer to the launch.

It’s important to note that those staking their $SPONGE in the original V1 staking contract will need to withdraw their assets and stake them in the V2 contract to participate in the upgrade.

Overall, the team behind $SPONGE has already proven its proficiency in the meme coin space after delivering a 100x return in 2023. Now, they’re back with the same goal in mind: to make 2024 just as fruitful while providing the same opportunity to newcomers who missed the 2023 pump.

Buy and Stake $SPONGE

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